Saturday, June 02, 2007

Ani's raw food kitchen

In my quest for a healthier life style I've come across so called "raw food." The people who adhere to this type of eating are extreme to be sure but its basic principals are sound.

I'm not "going raw" anytime soon but if "Ani" would have me I'd think about it. Anyway, the recipes are delicious and obviously good for your health.Take a look at one such recipe above.


  1. These look great. Lucky I bought some seaweed this week - I might give them a go.

    I have been doing some reading on nutrition lately and they all seem to say that you should eat as much raw food as you can. not sure that I could go the whole way either but it does make sense. Do you feel better for eating so well?

  2. I was about to say the whole raw food thing is a bit extreme but realise I eat salad for dinner 8 days a week. Then again, it usually has something cooked with it. Oh well, at least my veges are raw :-)

    Like the new look blog by the way.

  3. It looked tasty. あにちゃんもなかなかおいしいそうですね。

    She had me in the palm of her hand until she started bringing out the woo ... mung beans have life force energy? What the crap does that mean? I'm sure they are very nutritious, have always believed so, but life force energy????

  4. You've been served black fish again? I guess this is one way to solve the problem - as long as your knife (and teeth) are sharp.

    I agree with Steve - she looks very tasty.

  5. I thought for a moment I had gone from a runners blog to a porn blog. You guys ought to keep your tongues in your mouth to stop drooling :)

    The raw food is a good theory but I would never be able to live by it. I do love lots of raw fruit and salad and that's why I love summer so much. In winter I tend to hoard my curries and rice!!

    In a few months I will be desperate for your "lose weight" secrets so keep them safe for me.

    In the meantime. Run hard!

  6. No comment - my girlfriend sometimes reads these blogs....

    I like all things raw when we're talking vege's and fruit, but I think I'll draw the line with meat, pasta and rice. I couldn't live without them and I have to cook them, so I'll never "go raw".

  7. Raw is cool! But when it gets cold I like my food comforting and warm - and cooked. (Raw is COOL - geddit??)

    What about sashimi? I love sashimi.

  8. That Clairie cracks me up.

    Don't let your obsessive (or should that be anal?) nature have you dining on cold raw soup.

    I did eat a raw orange and a raw banana today. I wonder if that would impress Ani?