Friday, May 25, 2007

like a turtle

I've been pretty busy lately I will get to reading and commenting on some blogs over the weekend. Not much going on with me so I won't be Bombastic, I'll leave that to "Shaggy."


  1. Hi Scott,

    Having discussed the marathon with the husband again he feels that the main contributing factors to the success were:
    1) Getting the right balance of training, enough long runs plus the right sort of speedwork.

    2) Injury management. Although he had a few niggles along the way as his mileage increased they never seriously interrupted his training. Perhaps a day or two of rest and a massage and they were under control, if not totally fixed.

    He has all his training in spreadsheets so it's really no trouble to forward them to you. I'll get the three months leading up to the marathon so you can see what he was doing. His training pattern was running everyday, 30 mins recovery runs on Monday and Friday, speed or hill sessions on Tues and Thurs. Weds long run up to 120 mins. Sat 1 hour or more and then the long run on Sunday. He did about 4 runs of 3 hours plus a lot more between 2 and 3 hours.

    If you drop me a line with your email address I'll forward on the spreadsheets.

  2. Dean asked me about my wife running and i said no but she has a greed to try when some of her conditions are met....

    I asked him if his wife ran and he said no and i said you need a bigger house then!

    He didn't get it!


  3. I am catching up with my blog reading and it is a joy to read yours Scott. You have had some lovely posts of late and especially liked what you wrote about your grandmother. They influence us in ways we don't realise, sometimes until many years later. Thank you for what you wrote about her.

  4. Do I note that Canberra is in your future plans?

    I'd love to do a Japanese marathon .... really!

    It's hard to fit "busy" in with marathon training .... good luck with that one.