Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Just some thoughts on why it's important to set goals and deadlines in ones life. Like I said before I need goals and deadlines to help me focus in relation to my running and in my life without some sort of plan I just lurch from one thing to another without really getting much done. In running the race date is a pefect analogy for a deadline.

The following quote puts it nicely:

"Deadlines bring focus, forcing us to make time for the achievements we would otherwise postpone, encouraging us to reach beyond our conservative estimates of what we think possible, helping us to wrench victory from the jaws of sleep. A deadline, is simply put, optimism in its most ass-kicking form. It's a potent force that, when wielded with respect, will level any obstacle in its path." - Chris Baty, No Plot No Problem


  1. Yeah but ya can't rush these things mate ;-)

  2. Yes there's nothing quite like a deadline for making me get things done.

  3. So have you got some specific races lined up???

    PS At first I read your comment as "I just lunch from one thing to another" ... sounded good to me :-)

  4. I like deadlines. I just like them a long way away.

    Regarding the summer running and Robert Song's suggestion of training through...

    If you were so inclined, you could - nothing wrong with that. I thought you wanted a change for a while.

    You can still keep the aerobic base ticking over nicely without doing the 28 to 36k weekly runs. I mean, some people run 140k or more a week with 16k as a longest run.

    You (and Steve) are still young enough to make use of whatever natural speed you have. This does leave us as we get older. Speed is important for all PBs, but especially those in the 3k to 21k range. If having good PBs at these distances floats your boat, then have a crack before you get really, really old.

  5. Yeah I'm a deadline person. I knew someone at uni once who would sit down and do the assignments when they were allocated, while the rest of us chucked all-nighters to get them done at the last minute. She'd be going out to a movie or watching tv or something - and we'd be stressed to the eyeballs. I hated her.