Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Can you see the box in the side column? I got the idea from David's blog and thought I'd use it here.

What I'll do is post articles, mainly on running, that I think that some of you will be interested in. You simply save them to somewhere on your computer, download and read them. After that you can delete or keep as you want. Let me know if you read any of them and if you think it's a good idea perhaps you can get a box for your blog and upload some articles you find for others to share.

For my part I'd like to start building a electronic library of sorts that, in the future, can be turned into a one stop, web page that people can go to for articles and stories about running.


  1. OK, I downloaded them two andI thunked its a good idee.

    I'm still thinking about my answer to your question about why do I think my PBs might be behind me. I don't know if I can answer without going into severe verbal diarreah mode.

  2. Thanks. Downloaded :-)

    Like the new look blog by the way. It is new look isn't it? Funny, I can't exactly recall what the old one looked like. Its like when a new shop opens up and you can't for the life of you what was there before.

    So, set any goals yet? Or still procrastinating and doing things like changing your blog instead :-) You're not a Libran are you?

  3. No, Tesso I'm not a Libran. They have dress sense and the last thing I bought in the way of clothes was a pink cardigan.

    You've forced me to make a decision though. You can see my 2007 goals now posted to the side.

  4. I, too, like the "box". At least when there is not much news, there is also not much BAD news.

  5. Great Idea (Dave) but well adopted!

  6. OK, to answer your questions. Steve is only about 2kgs lighter. This was a 25 minute PB. The big difference is that he did a lot more training for this one, training 7 days a week and training with the SWEAT squad. It was probably about a year's worth of work when you think about it and he only did a few select races in the run up to Canberra. In the previous 2 marathons he did, he was injured in the run up and didn't have a good preparation. In this one he had a good prep with only a few minor niggles requiring a few days rest. I will ask him for his programme for the last few months and can email it to you if you like.

  7. I should probably say that he is just under 6ft and about 74kgs now.