Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Osaka Marathon 4 days out.

This will pretty much be the final analysis before Osaka Marathon 2012. I may put up a brief video blog post from the marathon expo on Saturday when I go to pick up my gear.


  1. You'll do the business, Scott!

  2. Thanks Thomas I appreciate you sticking with my bullshit all these years! I hope I can keep running and getting better cause I know if I don't you'll steamroll right over me!

    Thanks again!

  3. Wish the blokes at work would have a day off when they've got a cold and not save it up for a sickie!

    I'd go with the not running (or light jogging) option + the massage. Yes, if I were in with a chance of a 2:40 I'd break into the piggy bank and shell out the hard earned for a massage! 19 minute 5k splits will be a breeze for you Scott - at least up to 30k. Then just suck up the (temporary) pain and go for it.

  4. Good luck! And no, don't run these few days if your calf is sore.