Sunday, November 25, 2012


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Well finished the 2012 Osaka marathon. I was running 18 min 5K splits until the 15th K and the next 10K I recorded 19 K splits so was on for a 2:40 finish but actually started to get this strange tightness in both gluteus maximuses, bum cheeks, at 15 K and basically just started to slow down from the 25th K. I just couldn't pick up the pace try as I might. Took all my will to hold it together and finish in 2:50.

I'm Proud that I didn't stop but there is a major problem with my marathon racing, not willing to admit I'm just slowing with age, I'll just have to find out what the problem/s are and as Ewen said "regroup for another crack at it!" I get that chance on Feb 17th in the Senshuu Marathon.

Some photos above of me grinding out the finish and my boys and I afterwards. And below a video of the same. That was a hard last 10K I'll give you the drum.

Not my day today but you know what they say about dogs having theirs? I will have mine!!


  1. Each 5k was slower, that's certainly not ideal....
    But you old dog, you will have your day!
    And at least your calf didn't hurt.

  2. Can I borrow your 30-35 split as a 5k race time? You gave it a good shot. Shame about the glute problem. Get that sorted & I reckon you could have another shot at running 19-flat splits in Feb. That'd give you something between 2:39 & 2:41. You're still a young pup Scott - plenty of time over the next few years for marathon PBs.

  3. By the way, even if slow, you're running more smoothly than the dude following you in! A little hunched over, but I guess that's compensating for the glute problem.

  4. Angel Figueroa7:29 PM

    Otsukare, Scott. It was great weather for a run, eh? I had some issues myself. Ending up in a wheelchair and being taken to the medic tent was not the highlight of my day. It seems my right ankle is messed up. I limped home and climbed into bed but all this agony is worth it, as I did 3:01:48. I will go for sub3 in Rome on March. I hope you get your gluteus sorted out and have a great one in February.

  5. Thanks fellas! Seriously if I had never met guys like Ewen and Bob I would not be running at all today! Back to the beers...

  6. Angel well done buddy! I got 3hrs 3 seconds once! Came back and threw that monkey so far off my back he is still up there somewhere! ;) Get you feet well fix first though, don't rush your recovery. Again, well done!

  7. Hi Scott. My wife saw you finish and said you looked fast. I had an ok day and lopped five minutes off last years time, running 3:42. Really fun day, but my legs are complaining this morning.


  8. Hi Brendan. I looked for you at the start, knew you'd be there. Also checked your results myself after race. Looked like a good race to me! We certainly had the day for it. Couldn't buy a cloud and today is so dark with heavy rain!

    Keep in touch.

  9. Not your day, but not a disaster either.
    Try again next time.

  10. Ok Scott I'm going to be blunt and truthful with you!
    You may not like what I say but its what I feel went wrong.
    A 1.20 half marathon does not = a 2.40 marathon!
    You went off way too fast for your fitness level and blew it!
    The fact you still managed 2.50 is encouraging!
    you to think in terms of a negative effort for the marathon: holding back early on then pushing harder and harder after 10 miles.
    Look its great to see you back after injury but this time you flew to close to the sun and burned your wings a big!
    I think you need a 1.15 half marathon P.B. to run a 2.40 marathon.
    Well that,s my take things.
    But you still have time to get things right, well at least a year or so before you get too old!
    Man I hope this does not sound to negative, cause I want you to achieve your dream.


  11. Jesus Rick! You scared me starting your post like that! I thought you were going to tell me to give up running and take up darts or something!

    No, appreciate the tough love ;) Anyway I hear what you are saying, but in my defense, I am an idiot! No while think that, that my lack of racing results going in played its part in my less than sterling performance but it is not the whole story/problem with me.

    I considered my 1:20:06 half before Osaka Marathon to be one of my best races and if it wasn't for the weather, the 2K up hill and being blocked by slower half runners crossing our path, for 2 minutes, I would have had a big PB!

    And besides I went into Osaka marathon last year with only two 36 min 10Ks on fast courses and having ran no half marathons prior and pulled out a 3minute faster marathon then, on the same course, than I did yesterday. I have always run marathons much faster then my other times suggest. My 2:45:11 marathon came 8 months to a year after I was running 1:24 to 1:27 minute half marathons. I'd like to consider myself a "pure marathoner" but yesterday did have me questioning that.

    I think you are right, to a great degree, but still really feel there is something else lacking in my build ups these days. Not exactly sure what that is but will think it over and try a different approach. But yes not forgetting that it is the speed at lesser distances that does in the end determine what you will be able to do in the longer ones.

    Thanks Rick for taking the time to say that.

    1. Hi Scott,
      Thanks for reply I thought you might drop me off your Christmas card list after my last rant!
      Scott I think you are built to be a marathon runner!
      And your P.B. on the marathon is impressive compared to your shorter race times!
      I think my last message may have been a bit negative, for if I think back I never listened to anyone else as to what was possible!
      I just went out and did it!
      If you want it, with all your heart and soul then you can achieve it!
      Just go for it!
      And achieve your dreams :0]

  12. Well done on another sub-3 mararhon Scott. I certainly understand where Rick is coming from when it comes to predicting marathon times from shorter race times. But this did not appear to apply to you as you have broken all the normal rules that apply to mere mortal runners like me. Maybe you're just that bit closer to the limit of your genetic ability and any improvements from here on will require harder training and smarter racing. I noticed that, even over the first 15 k, you lost place to runners that obviously started out slower. It would be interesting to know where these runners finished up to see if there is any benfit in starting slower than MP.

  13. Thanks for your comment Grellan. Interesting too that you mentioned "the limit of ones genetic ability" a often avoided subject. I think we don't talk about this much lest we be seen as limiting ourselves but true it is something we have to look at.

    I indeed may have reached my limit but I'm not willing to accept that yet as I have not exhausted all other options, like you said on strategy and harder training. I'm going to look at a full core strengthening course, something I always say I will do but stop after a few weeks and work on more longer, long runs and running form work for my next marathon. If after leaving no stone unturned I'm still only running around 2:50 I'll certainly consider a trip to the glue factory.

    BTW I'm looking at my dehydration .the week before as a large contributing factor to my last 15K slow down, my feeling is it just might be the cause I definitely felt different and some people have told me that it takes a while to really get over a bad case of dehydration like I had the week before. Anyway that would be a good excuse, no?

  14. I saw you at the start, but you were a fair way forward in the A block, so I couldn't say hello this time. Really great weather in contrast to my last week of training in the snow of Hokkaido. I think the crowd support at Osaka is great, compared with say Tokyo. Don't know if I be back next year as it is a bit late in the year. We'll see,,,

  15. Rick's points were interesting. Yes, reckon you haven't run a 'good' half yet. If you're a "pure marathoner", which I'd say you are, then your 5k PB indicates 2:37ish potential (5k race pace + 10%). Pure marathoners could be 8-10% slower than 5k race pace (if you get the training right and run the perfect marathon). If you want to run 2:30 you need to get that 5k time down to 16-flat.

  16. Hi Scott. I just saw your last video post and your references to the comments made above. I'm posting a comment as I have a lot of sympathy with how you're feeling and have a very similar running profile to you: a 36 minute 10k runner, 1:19 half-marathon and 2:49 marathon. We have the endurance but lack a little speed on the shorter races. However, if you look at McMillan's guide to comparative times, then these times are "normal". The question is how to improve them. I believe that we have the endurance and are training should be focused on speed and strength so lactate session with 500m intervals or hill sessions are the key. This is the route I'm going down anyway to hit that 2:45 marathon!

  17. Hey James! Good to hear from you again. Yes we are in very similar position. I agree too that lactate threshold sessions with 500m intervals and the hill work should do the trick for us.

    I will post details of what sessions like this I'm running and would appreciate hearing from you on yours. Sure it will benefits others to see them and at least we'll have a record or our efforts that later can be judged against actual racing results.

    It is possible that I may not ever be able to turn good training into good results but unlikely! I'm going to go for it! All the best to you!!

    BTW how long have you been running for?