Friday, February 11, 2011

It's snow good

Our area gets a rare snow storm.

It snowed last night but did get a run in as it wasn't icy in fact it was fun to run in it. Even though I couldn't run the 5KTT that was planned I was happy enough just to run as I'd missed a couple of days this week already. Missed one on Monday cause I was shafted after my Sunday long run and one on Thursday cause I went hiking with some friends from work and came home late, and drunk ;)

Still feeling fit but not losing weight as this winter "comfort food" is hard to say no to and frankly not running enough kms. Anyway I still have 8 weeks before my goal marathon to fix this.

At the moment I'm particularly worried about getting the FLU. My eldest boy has had it for the past 8 days and the younger one is now asleep on the sofa running a high temperature so that's snow good :(

Some photos from today.


  1. I do believe that is the happiest snowman I have ever seen.

    All the best,


  2. Hope your kids are feeling better soon and that you manage to avoid all of their germs.

  3. scott yeah that snow dude sure does look happy, but he needs a beard and glasses to look like you :]
    Colds and flu, after doing a bit of research last year I started taking codliver oil capsules every day, since last the start of last years winter.
    In that time I've had no colds or flu.
    There is a lot of evidence to show that Vit D along with the other stuff in the fish oil boosts the immune system greatly.
    Hope your son recovers soon .

  4. Great photos Scott. I'll forgive you for coming home drunk, but not sure your wife will. Not good about the flu - do your best to avoid it, even if that means moving into the dog house ;)

  5. great pics scott. nice to see you and the boys. best.. jon