Thursday, February 10, 2011

The "secret" of training

Words of wisdom.

Toshihiko Seko's coach, Kyoshi Nakamura, likened correct training to the steady fall of raindrops which slowly forges a hole in a rock. Some days the rain falls harder and some days it doesn't fall at all, but the process cannot be HURRIED. There is the "secret" of training.

Be water my friends!


  1. Interesting. Sounds very Japanese! :-)
    Chris Wardlaw (Monners coach and 2-11 Marathon runner) said he used to have 50 training essentials...then as he got older (and wiser?) he narrowed them down to 3 and now he has just one.

  2. Scott, if you've ever seen me after a run in 30+C and high humidity you'll know I AM water!

    I'll remember those words when I'm not hurrying 25 laps of the track tonight ;)

  3. Many wise words have been said and many more have been forgotten in the mists of encient time.
    It is true that each days training on its own means little, but week by week month by month it builds you up to a new peak of fitness than could not have been imagined at the start.
    Like how one brick on its own is insignificant, yet many bricks put together can make the great wall of China, a structure so immense it can be seen from outer-space!