Friday, February 18, 2011

Is it just me or is it hot in here?

How is everyone? Well I hope. Now enough of you let's talk about me ;)

Things are good here. Yesterday went to the gym to run on the treadmill. Did 10 x 1K runs at various speeds just concentrating on getting up on my toes for the faster ones.

Also at the gym I did an "In-Body" check just so I can know where I am 8 weeks out from my marathon. I will do another one of these a week out and try to see if I can't get these numbers down. Now 62.2kgs and 15.3% Body Fat.

The photo is of me last month running the Osaka New Year 10K. Except for the tightness of the upper body I reckon my form is looking pretty good. By the time that guy I'm passing could focus his eyes, I was gone ;)


  1. Thanks for asking Scott. I'm still trying to shake the last remnants of this cold; my boss is making me work too many 10-hour days; if I had time to get a haircut my luck would change with the sheilas.

    Yes, that's good form. If that whippersnapper you're passing was a ninja you'd be getting one in the back of the neck. And if you weren't wearing girlie arm-warmers it'd be the perfect photo.

  2. Yeah you look surprizingly good, a bit like Steve monegetti

  3. 15% body fat, careful you don,t end up like this guy;

  4. 15.3% body fat is pathetic. I've been watching Biggest Loser - you should be aiming at the 40 -50% mark. (Thank you Biggest Loser for making me feel so skinny)

  5. So with the title, you're saying "I'm hot!" I don't know about that, but you do look pretty good.

  6. Hot or not, 15.3% body fat can't be right. That would be more than me and I have already been on the wrong side of Ewen's comments.

  7. Yeah, Thomas look as though I shouldn't be at such a "high" BF level but my home scale says 19% so it must be close to right!

    Perhaps all the fat is around my inner organs, yes not a real nice thought but it does give me hope that getting down to around 10% may mean a good drop in running times!

    And yes, Ewen is a cruel and heartless bastard at times ;)

  8. I think you need to do one of those Skin Fold Caliper Tests
    Or you could have one of those under water weighing tests.
    Dont think the scales which give fat % are very accurate!
    Former head USA Olympic cycle coach Eddie B reckoned that you should pinch the skin on the top of your hand to get an idea of the correct body fat level you should have all around your body, he said this was around 6%.

  9. How you ever let that guy get in front of you i'll never know. Looking good alright - the handless gloves help coordinate your whole outfit.

  10. I must be lapping him Grellan!

    And don't you mean "gloveless hands" ;)