Sunday, February 20, 2011

Back in the medals!

8 degrees and cloudy

Did my hilly half this morning but as is the pattern with this marathon always something bad happens when I run it. The last two times at this time a person died on each occasion and this time although I could avoid any major drama I did stub my toe the day before.

Now this was no ordinary stubbed toe, it actually gave me a headache! Just after I did it I let go with a spray of cuss words. These had my wife and kids increasing their vocabularies. In fact I even learnt some things and surprised myself with what was coming out of my mouth! By the way, what the hell is a "Chicken Faggot!"?

Anyway it didn't really hurt my run but it didn't help. Still, all up I was very pleased with this half. A course record for me. Five minutes faster than I've ever run this course before so I think that my 1:19:50 could easily be a PB if I actually ran this on the flat. ;)

2nd in my age group 40~50 years old and 12th overall.

出場種目 ハーフ男子40才代の部
距離 21.0975 km
タイム(グロス) 1:19:50
タイム(ネット) 1:19:45
種目別順位 2/189
総合順位 12/914

Back on the podium with more medals and back to running fast. Now for some PBs!

yesterday early on a cold morning, my youngest son closed the door just as I was walking out behind him while fighting with the wife! She reckoned it was my punishment. I said to the heavens "Don't you think this marriage is punishment enough!"

Still waiting for a piano to fall on me.

Going to have to put up another shelf soon. But you never know I think I'll wait a bit. Nothing worst that a bare 2nd shelf!


  1. That's a really technicolour toe. Glad it didn't affect your run and congratulations on the great time and AG placing.

  2. Great race Scott!
    Loved the precision and care in presentation on that Trophy Shelf!
    The placement of that medal on the furthest left is exquisite!

  3. Isn't a chicken faggot something one buys at KFC with sides of potatoes and gravy?

    I like how the wife got you to put the shelf above the door so when she slams it the trophies fall on your head ;)

    Nice race and time Scott. Definitely a PB on a Gold Coast type of course.

  4. Nice going Scott, 5 mins off your course record is mighty impressive.
    amazing just how much a little toe can hurt,yad never catch me swearing thou :]
    What the fuck is a Chicken Faggot;
    A gay Hillbilly with a liking for rear ending chickens!
    This is the mother of all swearwords, the most offensive literary barb known to man. Were your mother to discover you had used it, you would be in some serious trouble.

  5. Anonymous7:58 AM

    nice one scott, great outing on a tough course.

  6. ouch! that toe doesn't look like much fun at all. Congrats on the great running and placing, a top performance. Can't help but think "Chicken Faggots" sound kind of tasty!

  7. Awesome job!!

    GREAT race.

    I'd like to know the definition for Chicken faggot. but it's now my new favorite phrase. Reading it/saying it just makes me smile.

    I like smiles.