Sunday, December 19, 2010

My first X-country

Photos from today's race.

10K start

5K winner

Did a 10K cross-country race today. "The Kishiwada Cross Country 10K" my first since starting running as a Master. It was a Beautiful day, couldn't buy a cloud,about 14 degrees and windless. Perfect conditions!

I think I stared a bit too fast as I was hurting about the 4th K but just hung in and came good after about the 6K mark. It was run mostly on a sealed road that wound itself around a big public park and although it was pretty hilly compared to what I usually race it wasn't a slow course. Anyway by the 5th K I was 15th place the last in the lead group and stayed there until the end, finishing the open placings in 4th place. Actually during the race I thought I was going to get in under 36:00 mins but in the last K they had us going up a hill that put an end to that!

Anyway, not too worried as I'm still heading it the right direction and I have another 10K race on the flat on January 9th. If I don't PB there or go close I'll be worried but now I'm fine with things as they are. I'll Just keep repeating "Let the pace come, let the pace come."


  1. Well, it wasn't exactly cross country, was it?
    Be that as it may, a good effort, seems like you are getting into good shape.

  2. Looks more like a park race!
    No mud, streams to cross, ice snow!
    Glad to hear the MB plan is starting to work for you.
    Follow his advice and your be surprised just how fast you can get :]

  3. I'm with Bob and Rick, never heard of a cross country that was mostly on a sealed road. Still very pleasant looking countryside. Looking forward to watching your progression and your PB attempt on January 9th.

  4. Good going Scott the hills will always take a bit out of ya in the shorter fast runs, took a while to warm up but nothing wrong with feeling good at the 6K mark well done.

  5. Thanks all.

    And yes, maybe it wasn't a real "Cross-country" race. This is a language thing, I guess.

    Japanese, at times, also call any race over a 5K a "marathon."

    The term Cross-country is probably just a general cover-all. Now if you'll excuse me I'm just going to go cross-country and get the news.(Read jog across my lawn to pick up the paper).

  6. That's great Scott. I'm coming to Japan to be a 10k marathoner ;)

    Yes, old Jack Pennington would be rolling in his grave (except he's not dead yet) at the mention of bitumen as part of a CC course. He reckons even our CC runs are "soft" and one of the rules in the old days was that courses should include a good portion of running over ploughed ground!

    Anyway, 36-flat isn't too bad at this stage. I'm confident you'll PB in January.

  7. well done Scott, it would be great to put a 2011 against your PB's

  8. Yikes, that's fast on a hilly course! Nice one.