Thursday, December 02, 2010

The 4 Minute Blog Post

Liked the book "The 4 hour Work Week" and the insights into what it means to be productive and I reckon "The 4 Hour Body" is going to also be an interesting read.

Say what you will about young Tim Ferris, he is a bona fide idea's man. Tell me this book won't fly off the shelves!


  1. Just remember Scott... there are two key elements here: Books to be thrown off the shelves, and come on out.

  2. Scotty,
    I'm glad to hear your training is going well [ read your comments on Thomas's blog].
    But it really would be great to hear how you are coping with day to day training, I'd like to hear your take on MB's training plan.
    We can all learn and grow from passing on such info!
    So please put finger to key pad and and start writing your training down on your blog!

  3. Rick

    You're right, I should share but really don't know if I have much in the way of info that will help anyone "learn and grow"!

    But I'll do my best to write something. I'll even use two fingers when I type! ;)

  4. Ah-hem, I'm not sucked in by such obviously hyped-up advertising

    (*the sound of foot falls receding down the hall as he runs out to buy the book*)