Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kishiwada X Country

I've got a 10K cross-country race to run this coming Sunday and looking forward to it. It will be the first test of how my training is going. I feel good, much fitter than I was the last two races I've ran, and I'm looking for a good time.

Not sure I can PB as I've never run this course and I don't know how much "X-Country" is involved but I suspect it's not much and it'll be a pretty fast course. Luckily it'll be dry too so no sloshing around like you see in Rick's X-country races.

Even though I reckon I can run a good race these lesser distances always make me nervous. First of all, the 10Ks and 5Ks here are often dominated by High School kids who participate in high percentages. It's always a bit intimidating looking down the line and seeing nothing but guys half your age grinning at you like a cat would a canary.

Also I always tend to get caught up in the challenge, going out too fast with the kids. I end up dragging my sorry self home with the stitch from hell.

Anyway if I can keep my head for the first few Ks I should be able to make a charge from behind. I've been running well lately and just the other day I got this rush of blood at the end of one of my recovery runs and ran flat-out for 5 minutes, I was able to hold a pace and go a distance that sort of frightened me ;) I thought at the time, "Geez that Scott, he's getting good!" And you know that anyone who refers to themselves in the third person has got to be a bit dangerous, one way or another.

Look out kids!


  1. scotty remember the easy days are to recover and not show off too yourself! 'VERY NAUGHTY'
    Having said that it sounds like your running well:]
    Now those pesky high school kids can be beaten.
    First they don't have the same central governor limiter yet as you do, so they can run very fast early on!
    Now Tim Noakes tells us that the pain we feel when we run fast is just the brain trying to slow us down and stop us dying!
    So what you got to do is love that pain and push harder and harder!
    If you cross the line with your heart exploding then you know you beat the governor :]

  2. Might be a good one for even pacing Scott one idea is to tap in a PB time to the Garmin and stick to it like glue until the the last mile if your on the money then do some show boating.
    Best of luck

  3. Getting close to your road PB over the country would be a great result... or so Ewen reckons. Until recently he's been saying things like "Geez that Ewen, he's running like s#!t."

  4. Seeing fast people half your age at the start line is no where near as intimidating as seeing people twice your age finish well in front of you!

    Ok, now to read how you went in the XC!