Saturday, December 25, 2010

Got his measure!

So this is Christmas...

Guess what Santa brought me? Not the Garmin I wanted but the next best thing, a walking measuring stick, a digital one none the less!

Actually got it a few days before Xmas and have been out around my neighborhood marking out my courses. Now thanks to my new toy and a can of cheap spray paint I've got some, local, run from my house, 3K and 5K loops that I can use to accurately run to my schedule keeping the right distance, pace and heart rate.

While I did sort of know how long these local runs were I strangely enough, or not, had (after measuring) them at about a meter or two shorter per K than I thought. And while I'm glad I have these sorted I'm now deathly afraid to take a ruler to the old fella lest it be similarly short of my imagined size!

Anyway, somethings are best left unmeasured, with some wiggle room, so to speak ;)

Next week I'll be giving a measure of types to the year that has been and assessing it on its merits. Doesn't seem like it's going to get more than a B+ but there are still a few days left so to God and the Devil, if you're paying attention this grade is still up for change, you can fight for it!!!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas.


  1. You got the measure on me mate :]
    First half of my year was a A+ then second half a C-.
    roll on next year and more P.B.s all round !

  2. Great gift Scott! I'd like to restrain myself from saying "I've got an analog one, and it's bigger than yours", but I won't.