Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Don't forget the basics

Baby what a big surprise! Right before my very eyes!

Is it only me or did you ever think that this needed to be done too?

Yes, and "Don't forget the basics" will be the theme of my next blog post on how we can lose sight of the obvious things while searching through all that's been written on the pros and cons of getting faster.

It's been that way in my case!


  1. Oh man...."chicago" my heart belongs to Chicago.....thanks to a 13 year older sister who made us listen to it on 11-13 hour family road trips. ;)

    I NEED your next post.
    I need faster. Ran a 3:20 in July then Sunday a 3:26 [ummmm according to my math that's not good]. :(

  2. Yes, God bless little sisters ;)

    That's happened to me and a lot of us I suspect Emz.

    Still it would all be a bit uninteresting if it was a straight progression to the top, I reckon.

  3. Ewen is looking forward to this post too Scott. Someone should tell the Aussie cricket team that "basics" are important!

    I was listening to a Lee Childs talk today. He wrote 4 of his Jack Reacher novels in the first person and the rest in the third person.