Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Return to Innocence

I know what you're thinking, a "return to innocence" is just code in my case for losing bowel control. But no.

It means I'm going back to basics and have started my training for a marathon to glory ;)

I'm two weeks into training and have, to be honest, not had a good start. I've been seriously stiff and tight,hamstrings and Achilles, making even the slow short runs, which are pretty much all I've been doing, hurt like, well like they shouldn't. But last Tuesday I went to a guy and after half an hour of twisting and rolling my legs in all sorts of directions I was able to run without early pain and now sit here happily only carrying the slight soreness that accompanies a good hard session.

I'm going to go back to this guy now every week as he really knows his stuff and, I think, will be the key to get me to the starting line on December 23!

Now just to string a few good weeks together and I'll be back on track.

I'll keep you a breast, so to speak.


  1. Is the guy a chiroprator or a physio?

  2. And how you finding the first weeks of the 100 day plan?

  3. Not really clear Rick. I think he'd be closer to a "Physio" but does a few things like a "Chiroprator", anyway seems like all that and a bag of chips to me ;)

  4. Keep me two Scott. Innocence? I thought you might have burned your stash of Playboy mags.

    If your bloke can't straighten you out, I know a good cat-chiro that can step into the breach, so to speak.

  5. Just come back from my Chiropractor, he fixed the damage i did to myself in the mountain race.
    Its a bit like getting a car serviced!
    BACK ON THE ROAD AGAIN with all cylinders firing>>>>>>>