Sunday, September 19, 2010

To New Delhi or not New Delhi

I've heard talk about athletes and teams talking about the possibility of not going to the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi because of fears for their safety. For mine, I reckon it is shameful to even think about the possibility of not going. I mean if you are selected to go to a games that is sanctioned by your own government and athletic association then you go! As an individual you can choose where you go for your holidays but as part of a team you go where the "work is" so to speak.

Some didn't go to the Olympic games in China and the World Cup in South Africa because of perceived "Risks" but the lucky ones that did go understood that it would have been foolish to let that affect their decision.

I can accept that people that never travel or only travel to "home like" places can't understand the value of going outweighs the risks, and I wouldn't waste my breath convincing them otherwise but it is strange to me that one person can think they are of greater importance than others and at a higher risk of harm then the millions of people living in Delhi everyday of their lives.

I don't think the Delhi residents take themselves so seriously!


  1. Sadly, I've put a few of those beggars with laptops out of business as I'm on the "no call" list ;)

    I'd be going Scott - Mona is there to look after the Aussie team!

  2. Hey Scott
    Thanks for the message.
    Yeah, I've migrated from Bloggsville to Facebookland. That doesn't mean I haven't noticed what you are doing. In fact, I read about it in the paper :)
    Congrats on a great run in Townsville! Clairie and I often speak of how well you are doing.

  3. Unfortunately, countries (politicians) have been treating athletes like pawns for centuries and events that invite the world to attend ultimately become the best perceived forum for them to protest something unrelated to the celebration of fitness. The worst part is these fat cats have no idea how they impact the athletes who train for years to compete at international events.

    On another note, is it just me or have you dropped weight?

    All the best,


  4. It's a tough call Scott!

  5. Maybe for some, it's a "tough call." Rick, but not for a "No limit Desperado" like yourself, I would have thought ;)

  6. Yes Rick! And Scott, I bet you'd have the big ones to go if you were on the marathon team.

    Tesso, the trouble with Facebook is that it's ephemeral. There's no record of what happened. No story. No going back and reading about how Scott went from an over 3 hour hack to a 2:30 marathoner.

  7. Well if they give me a call I'm ready for marathon duty!

  8. Hang on! is that the phone ringing>>> "yes Hello", what you want me for the team, cool! and you say your supply me with a free kevlar bullet proof vest and shorts with the union jack emblassed across them! Yes i'm in"