Saturday, September 11, 2010


Breaking News!

Just made official, the first running of "The Osaka marathon". It's the second mass participation marathon of its type in Japan (30,000 runners) after Tokyo, it will be held on the 30th of October 2011.

I'm definitely going to enter and love to see you guys here for this. Us locals are very excited, I'll keep you updated.


I can't find a course map yet but the below is what were voted the top five areas that the marathon course should run through. Whatever the final course is, it will be flat, fast and scenic. I will be conducting running tours with "Samurai Running" to the marathon (see side-bar) that will be affordable and memorable. Don't think it's too early to make a decision on this as entries open in February next year and my tours will book out fast ;)


  1. Ok, maybe we'll try to get a Namban group to go to that. I would be up for it.

  2. That's some planning ahead!

  3. Thanks Scott - keep us updated. I'll be back from the US by then, so don't know how many greenbacks will be left in the wallet!

  4. VERY exciting! I'd love to Scott, but it'll have to be a longer-term plan. I'm not going to be able to for the next couple of years so you have to ensure two things for me:
    1. It's such a success that it continues; and
    2. Samurai running continues so that I can use your expertise!

  5. Bob, one way or another we will meet I think. Thomas, never too early, gotta to have something to look forward to, as you know.

    Ewen, no excuses just use that money you were putting aside for that ivory back scratcher you were going to buy!

    OK Bay, you have my word ;)

  6. That's a good altenative to Tokyo Marathon!

    Any info whether they will do a lottery system or not?

  7. Yes, Sling I think they will do a lottery if they go over the number of runners they want, but as it is the first race and they will be taking 30,000 runners there is a good chance your application will be accepted.

    Tokyo was relatively easy to get into the first time too but it's getting progressively harder. Still I'd apply as soon as they take applicates which will be in Feb 2011. If they don't have English online application forms I will be happy to apply for anyone who wants to join from here.

    Anyway I will be planning 3 packages to choose from with my Samurai Running Tours, from bare bones budget to semi luxury. I'll have them together by the end of the year so it should make it easier still to decide! All packages will be at cost and far cheaper then anyone could do booking themselves.

    As our Mayor said this will not just be a "Tokyo mark 2 race" it will be something special and you gotta believe Osaka will put on a show ;)

  8. wow! good luck! Never been to Osaka.

  9. wow - this is great news
    would love to run in this

    was already planning to be back in Osaka in Nov '11 so my daughter can do shichi-go-san, this is gonna make the trip from England to Japan doubly worthwhile