Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jeffery Hunt

In the Hunt

Got a reply from a message I left Jeffery Hunt the other day. Be sure to watch this guy, run at the coming Commonwealth Games in Delhi, cause I think it is the genuinely nice ones that make the champions. And Jeff seems to be both.

At the moment he's up in Cairns putting the finishing touches on his preparation.


Hello Jeff

You made all us ex-pat Aussies, living in Japan, proud with your debut marathon over here and we will be following you with interest in New Delhi.

While you are in Cairns you should get yourself down to "Gordonvale" 20 minutes south, for a few easy miles among the empty cane field roads, just the moist/hot and peaceful place to set you up for the games.

All the best


sorry for the delay. It was a dream run.
I hope you had the pleasure of being able to say "he's Aussie, just like me!"
I may be heading to Gordonvale on Monday for a trot around.
We have been running around Karunda and the Cairns Esplanade, and the track.
Not as good as centennial park or falls, but still a nice place.



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  1. That's great Scott. He does sound like a nice guy. Marty (Dent) was up there too. He's a good bloke. I remember we were doing the early PH run once and saw him walking back to his car from work - he said "g'day" and gave us a wave.