Sunday, August 08, 2010

Number 2! No shit!

Somehow, some reason hard to finish off the race today but very pleased with the age group win and overall second! Tanzanians are hard to beat afterall ;) My time 2:47:59 offical. I'd say I'm disappointed, and I am, but can't be too much so as I'm surrounded by family and friends in paradise and on to my 4th schooner, no they aren't boats.

Thanks as always, talk later Scott.


  1. Hard to be disappointed with bling!

    Congrats Scott. That's a great result. Enjoy the re-hydration!

  2. Well done Scott - sounds like you had a tough day. The only chance I have of getting second place is in a 2 horse race.

  3. Well Done Scott great reward for all your effort, looking forward to your account of the race.

  4. Good on you Scott. Looking forward to the gory details. Have 1 or 3 for me - I'm stuffed after taking on Mona in the C2S ;)

  5. Thats a great placing...well done.
    I heard that the Tanzanian had to beat the course record to win!!

  6. Yeah, hard to feel sorry for someone who can run so fast and ended up second! Looking forward to the race report.

  7. Second!!!
    That's almost as good as winning!
    But not quite :]
    good effort Scott, i'm sure you had to run a long way on your own to get that result.
    Enjoy the beers, recover well :]

  8. superb running scott well done.

  9. We have Schooner(s) here! Both kinds too but I actually prefer a Guinness after a hard race. Well done!

  10. Mate, that's a brilliant result! I feel like I'm talking to royalty - imagine, I know someone who can get onto the podium!

    I can understand that you were hoping for a better time, but don't let that tarnish what should be sheer exhilaration on a brilliant time with a fantastic result!

    I was certainly drinking with you - albeit in Sydney.....

  11. Congratulations. I think anything under 2:50 is a really excellent time.
    Give us a detailed report.