Sunday, August 29, 2010

I got a little one!

A small PB that is!

After a few days at a resort in Cairns it was down to Sydney. I haven't been back to my hometown now for about 9 years and had almost forgotten how beautiful it is and how much I like it. We will be here staying at the Hyde Park Plaza until the 4th of September so if any one wants to join me for a morning jog around the harbour, or something, let me know.

Yesterday we went up the coast and stayed with my Aunt at Jerry's Plains, a country town far west of Newcastle. It was bloody cold last night. woke up at 4:00am this morning and drove to Lake Macquarie for my 10.5K race. Not the best of prep going in but good course and I was able to squeezed out a PB for the 10K doing 35:35 and getting an age group first place to boot.

That's it for running here I'll just be jogging and trying to put on a few pounds before we head back and I start my training again in earnest then

Hope everyone is well. I'll catch up with you soon.


  1. That ain't small. A 10k PB is never small. Well done.

  2. Nice result, the air most be good down there :]
    Are you wearing Lycra shorts in that picture, thats worrying!

  3. You look like your havin a relaxed hols Scott and its showing in your running another PB super run.

  4. Glad you clarified that. I though you'd gone fishing.

    Bob's right there's no such thing as a small PB. Great running.

  5. You've got to start small Scott. One day you'll get a huge one.

    Wish I could get down to the smoke for a jog over the coathanger. Sadly I'm still battling the tail-end of serious man flu - wouldn't want to send that back to Japan. The Striders have a 10k race Saturday morning at North Head - might be worth a crack - see if you can get one up on Dave Criniti ;)

  6. Yes Ewen

    I saw that the Striders had a 10 K on that Saturday, but I will be flying back to Nippon early the same day. Too bad, still it will be nice to be home and get settled into training again. Just saw that it will be 36 degrees the day we get back!

  7. Dave Criniti will be breathing a sigh of relief. Don't envy the 36 degrees... did you hear 1 September was the hottest first day of Spring in Sydney (26C) since 1865?

    Anyway, safe flying and resumption of training.

  8. you have a very nice family. great run you did. regards -
    Raul Patrick Concepcion

  9. I just came back from visting your blog Raul. Thanks for the link, I enjoyed looking in. I'll be back.

    All the best.