Saturday, August 14, 2010


Me and my Sister x 2, me and my boys and me coming to the end of the race.

Ran the 5.6K race, that was part of the Great Pyramid Race Festival, today.

Running a 5K race only six days after a marathon is ill advised but if I only did things that made sense I wouldn't even leave the house. While it was hot and the course was more of a cross country than a road race I ran pretty well. And although the total was 5.6kms I crossed the 5K mark in 16:52 so I'll take that as my new 5K PB ;)

Got 3rd overall and 3rd in the open division (anyone over 18) the two boys that beat me 15 and 17 years old also qualified for the "Open" division, I don't know how that works but it's their race ;)

Feel fine and excited to make amends for my past training mistakes.


  1. 4 sec faster and you would have = my 5k P.B.

  2. Doesn't that mean you're more "amazing" than me rick? ;)

  3. Congrats on the PB Scott, reading this has inspired me to go for a run instead of lazing around under the AC!! Cheers!

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  5. In the 16s is good running Scott - especially as it was further than 5k and you wouldn't have started your sprint finish.

    I like the Punk Rock cap and lack of arm-warmers.

    Unlike Paul, you don't inspire me that much, so I'll stay inside next to the heater ;)

  6. Now I know you're crazy! ;-) I can't believe you can walk that soon after a marathon, let alone run a 5k PB.

    As an aside, the folks of Townsville probably didn't want an out of towner winning two events in a row, so they allowed the boys in the open category to hold up home town pride!

  7. Scott, you have revolutionised the running world and thrown conventional training philosophies on their head. I think you should publish your 5k PB training plan so that others may follow in you're footsteps. 16:52 is seriously fast - well done.

  8. It seems that you are having a great run there. Nice picture and post. Keep running.

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