Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Go hard or go home

G'day, sorry not to have been posting much of late but out of my usual situation here and not finding the time to do it. Anyway talking about time, it's crunch time and this weekend I'll race the Townsville marathon (5:30 am the 8th of August). I'm getting excited and have run through the race a few times in my head. The scenarios range from a blow out to a PB and everything in between but even with a less than perfect last two weeks, mileage has dropped to about 60K a week, I'm expecting I'll be able to achieve one of the following goals: A sub 2:40 (excellent) a sub 2:45 (good) and a sub 2:50 (fair).

I did a few faster intervals last week and a couple of marathon pace 5K runs. I found one of these 5K runs I was able to go 1 min under my marathon pace with relative ease but the other one I struggled and was 2 minutes over. So I don't know how I'll go but I have a feeling that running in the cool of the morning and with the excitement of race day I can do it and besides there is no place for doubt or fear once the gun goes, racing tends to bring out the best in my running. I won't say I'll win it as there are too many variables, like who turns up and how I pace myself but I'll do my best and go into it expecting to do well.

There is only one thing that has me a bit worried. You would think that with all my Ks going into this I'd be confident but I reckon I need a strong fast pack to pull me through to a really fast time and this being a "smaller marathon" I will probably find myself either by myself out front or trailing some rabbit by myself. Either way I fear I'll be on my "Pat Malone" a lot and I'll find it hard to concentrate and race hard the whole way.

One thing I can't say is "Go hard or go home" cause I'm already there!

Hope you're all well and I'll catch up after the race.


  1. I know you have worked bloody hard for this Scott, so i reckon with the cooler temps your have a fantastic run!
    Remember to run in the moment and don't let your mind wonder off to much.
    We all get self doubts leading up to your big races, just think of all your training and how strong you will be.
    All the very best, have a good un!
    p.S. looking forward to hearing the news of your marathon :]

  2. As Jackie Fairweather said 2 weeks out from winning the M7 (2:42), "I hate the taper!" There'll be good and bad runs during the taper - it's just the head and legs playing tricks - don't listen to them.

    As Rick said, you've done the preparation. Run with confidence and take the ks one at a time - the first goal is there for the taking - baring you getting lost and running off course while in the lead ;)

    I'll be reading your blog Sunday evening - we're in Sydney for C2S, and offline until then.

  3. You really need to do the Gold Coast Marathon next year. Perfect course and lots of competition.

    Hope the cold snap that has hit Brisbane makes it all the way up to Townsville for race day.

    Go hard!

  4. Be confident and you'll be fine.
    Check out the course before the race.

  5. All the best in Townsville Scott. It's all about remaining relaxed and focused. I've no doubt that come race day you'll step up to the mark and give it your best, as you always do. Looking forward to a good read here after the race.

  6. Thanks for your support and nice comments fellas. Just got this news.

    "The Tanzanian runner, Oswald Revelian is short odds favourite to win the Townsville Marathon.
    Oswald has a personal best of 2:13:07 and recently finished fifth on the Gold Coast in 2:17:22.
    Looks like a new record coming up for North Queensland."

    There is my rabbit ;) Just as well I suppose it may help to pull me under 2:40, not wanting to come in too far behind him!

  7. Good luck Scott - you might not beat the Tanzanian fella, but I'm sure come race day you'll be flying round that course!

  8. Bugger, and I was going to tell you to follow the guy on the bike!

    With such good prep Scott, just remember that if you start to doubt yourself, relax and run with style - that'll get you there faster and looking good!

  9. Have a great race! Hope the weather is perfect and the marathon gods are smiling!

  10. Good luck. Have a good race.
    Just came back from Queensland yesterday...great running conditions...unlike Japan and Melbourne.
    Run well.

  11. Don't worry Scott. I've heard Oswald runs like a girl... he wears arm-warmers. You should be good to hang with him. Centrebet has given you a 20-minute handicap ;)