Thursday, August 19, 2010


Just coming up after a bout of sickness that included stomachaches, constipation, headaches and dizziness. It was pretty bad for a few days there and although the doctor doesn't know exactly what caused it, we think it was a combination of dehydration, too much running, that 5K in the heat was a bad idea, and a change of diet, sushi to beef and kidney pies.

Anyway, I'm still alive and I've learn my lesson this time. Going to start to really think about what I'm doing in regards to my health and running. After looking over the new schedule I got from Marius Bakken, thanks Rick, I realized that I was making a lot of mistakes in training and according to MB, doing it a bit backwards.

Anyway I have learnt a lot from my marathon and this trip and I'll take this into the next training and hopefully really hit it next time.

Next week I go to my home town of Sydney, Manly here I come, and back to Japan in early September to start marathon training again, and work :( I have one more 10K here before I go up at Lake Macquarie on the 29th (can anyone come?) and if I can pull up from this sickness I'll give it a go for a PB there. Did I say I've learnt my lesson?

The photos below are of my FNQ family great Aunts, cousins, the Sugar Cane Farmers, these are the giants of the family as you can see. But sadly only their sense of humor was passed on to me. The other photos are of me and Emi on a romantic trip to the Atherton Tablelands and us again at a memorial service we had, with some family, for my Dad that passed away early this year. We laid him to rest in Gordonvale Cemetery.

It's been a good holiday!


  1. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Wow, that is a big guy and he's got a big tractor...or whatever that contraption is. Looks like something from a Ghibli anime movie.
    Obviously these 5Ks are dangerous. Time to get back to some good old LSD.

  3. Maybe it was the Aussie beer!
    Take it easy, Rest up.
    Looking forward to seeing how you get on with M B's training, should be good :]
    Nice photo's

  4. "I've learn my lesson this time..."
    Lucky there'll be a next time!

    You might have been "doing it backwards" according to the MB plan, but just think of the amazing base miles you have in the legs. Now the real preparation begins!

    Don't sweat not getting the "big genes" - it'd be harder to run a 2:30 if you were that big!

    Enjoy the south coast!

  5. Fair suck of the sauce bottle Scott! You were obviously constipated because you were too tight to fork out the extra change for sauce on the beef & kidney pies.

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday, and have a real crack at the 10k (if you're not constipated) - I reckon you'll PB for sure.

    Good luck with the Marius plan. What sort of mileage does a 2:30-40 runner end up running?

  6. 5k PB super stuff Scott.Looks like your having a great holiday.Give it one more good lash and bring home another PB with ya.