Monday, February 01, 2010


Caption contest

I thought I'd open these photos up to you wits to add a caption or two to the following post race photos. EG photo 1 "No, I'm not crying like a girls Ewen just getting the sweat out of my eyes." Anyway I'm sure you can do better than that. There will be a small prize for the the one judged, by me, as the best ;)


  1. " here's Daddy now, Mum I'm goin to show Daddy my latest 'ninja' move I saw on TV"
    Oh F**k,,, shit,,, Son you got me in the balls!!!
    Didn't I tell you Son never kick a man when he's already down!!!

  2. 1. Honey, I'm waiting for you by the schoolyard.
    2. Well, it took you long enough to get here.
    3. Jesus! Now she has to call her mother.
    4. Now can I finally have my post-race beer?
    5. Oh my God, she forgot the beer!

  3. 5. The start of the Scott Brown 10k handicap............"8, 9 10 ready or not here I come"

  4. 1. I'll take that one again son. There's an ugly runner in the background.
    2. Do these arm-warmers make me look like a girl?
    3. My phone video didn't work. Go back and do it again.
    4. Yes, even in black and with black gloves I look like a girl.
    5. If I'd run fast I wouldn't be so embarrassed about wearing these girly arm-warmers.

  5. Thanks for all your witty responses. I won't wait to see if anyone else will give it a go. It will simply drive home the fact that, although I have a hard core of loyal/witty readers, basically nobody reads this blog ;)

    So the announcement!

    The nonsensical comment from Grellan had me "laughing out loud" so old son the grand prize of a fridge magnet is yours for the keeping. Just send me your snail mail address at

    and I'll get it off to you.

    Thanks again

  6. Cheers Scott. At least I win prizes in the blogsphere.