Wednesday, February 03, 2010


I'm happy to announce the start of a project that's been in the works now for a couple of years. Together with the wife we are starting a small venture to bring interested people to Japan to run in a race and enjoy all that goes with it.

We are not doing this for profit but we simply want to be able to show people why we choose to live here and just how good a trip to Japan can be. If you still have the image of Japan as an expensive, incomprehensible travel destination we'd like to show you different. Our initial packages are affordable and interesting.

We'd love to be able to show you around so think about coming and tell your friends. We think these will be a success and hope to add more races in the future. Success in this venture as in life will mean meeting and running with as many happy people as we can before we can't anymore ;)

Check out the website

And whether or not you're interested I'd appreciate your feedback on the site and related issues.


Scott Brown


  1. Seems like a great idea, good luck.

  2. Such a great idea- I will be there in four weeks- shame I couldn't join the October HM. (I think you mean flights with Jetstar not fights- but then again, I don't mind a stoush at the airport;)

  3. Thanks Morsey.

    Will you be down my way? Do you want to meet?

  4. Great idea Scott!

    I'm interested if you can line me up for a run with the girl in the purple strides ;) Also, if I can get my marathon PB down to 4:30, Senshu could be on.

    Seriously though, I think you're on a winner there. Think about advertising in R4YL, Runners World Aus, and Coolrunning.

  5. If I could ever get you over here Ewen I'd consider that success enough ;)

    Thanks I might try ads if word or mouth isn't enough to get a few groups for those races.


  6. Great idea, Scott. Good luck with it.
    Suppose an American or European wants to come to Japan and run those races...can you do something for them?
    Suppose a foreigner in Tokyo wants to run them...can you do something for them? Same tour without the airfare/transportation?
    The reason I ask is that I am wiling to post the info on our Namban Rengo Forum and maybe on the website, too, but that means you will get inquiries from the above two types of people.

  7. Sounds like a great venture Scott. Very tempting. I always wanted to go to Japan.

  8. Well there is another thing to put on the bucket list.
    Sounds appealing to me. All the best for the venture.

  9. A great venture Scott. It sure appeals to me. I hope I have the opportunity to make use of your new service.

  10. Scott,
    In relation to promoting your venture I would suggest you contact groups like the Melbourne Marathon Spartans (WE have over 1100 members...maybe more...all of which have run the Melbourne Marathon 10 times or more).

    I think you should offer something extra to the members.

    If you want to do this I can give you contact details.
    Write to me

    You may also consider contacting the Veteran/Masters associations...there are one hell of a lot of these!

    Good luck


    You have me hook-line-and-sinker. Unfortunately I won't be over in the next 2 years because of external forces, but I'll be watching keenly for an opening in my schedule!

    You could also try contacting the smaller state based organizations (e.g. SA Road Runners Club: I know that the club has a lot of people venturing OS for "exotic" races all the time. An article in their monthly newsletter might get you a few hits.

    More comments on your other posts when I'm within reasonable internet range.