Monday, February 08, 2010


Yesterday ran the Kishukuchikumano half marathon, the first time for me, in the lovely resort town of Shirahama by the sea in Wakaiyama Prefecture. It was perhaps the best course I've ever run, mostly flat, over bridges through tunnels, scenic and to top it off we had perfect weather, 10 degrees, you couldn't buy a cloud. I ran well, felt strong and relaxed, clocking my 2nd fastest half marathon time at 1:19:16 I fully intend to go back next year, trained up, for another great weekend and a PB.

Had a great weekend staying overnight at a hotspring resort with the family and in-laws. Definitely eating too much at dinner and breakfast but what are you going to do ;)

I've uploaded a few photos from the trip. You can see that I'm being interviewed, with my kids, in the third shot. I came 2nd in my age group. The guy who came 1st didn't show up for the presentation so they were forced to talk to me ;)

Anyway, I wanted to ask my small band of loyal readers, yes that is you, even if you don't read so much and aren't so loyal, if you could spread the word about my running in Japan venture. Also if you have any ideas, that don't cost money, on promoting this I'd like to hear them.


And congratulations to Mr. Hosaka and Mr. Hunt for their runs at Beppu yesterday. Fantastic news for both countries and me too having a foot in both camps. That is I'm old and an Aussie ;)


  1. Well done on the fast time.
    Sounds a good race and perphaps something that can be used for a warm up for Tokyo 2011.

  2. Yes Jon,

    This race is a really good one I can't fault it at all.

    There is nothing like running Tokyo and if one could run this kind of country races, my favorite, and then do a big city one it would be a runners dream.

  3. Kishukuchikumano - that's some name!
    Glad you had a good race. That's a nice time. You would have been 3rd in the USA Masters Half Marathon championships 45-49 age group. Also yesterday. Maybe I shouldn't tell you this, but the 45 winner was also the overall winner - in 1:08:57. (He was named last year's top masters runner in the US.)
    In the fourth picture - I guess those are your in-laws....

  4. "Maybe I shouldn't tell you this, but the 45 winner was also the overall winner - in 1:08:57. (He was named last year's top masters runner in the US."

    No, Bob I need to know otherwise I'd just keep thinking "I'm all that and a bag of chips" ;)

    1:08:57 Good Lord! I have a secret wish/plan to run 1:14:00 before my 47th B'day but that will probably take all I've got to give and some more.

    Anyway, good to know it has been done.

  5. Well Scott you could try contacting the local radio stations in area’s your hoping to get customers from, maybe the radio stations might be interested enough to do a story on you.
    But at the end of the day you may well have to lash out money buying advertising in running mags, think of it as an investment in you future.
    Or you could ask Ewen to jog round Aus giving out flyers for you :]

  6. P.s. Good solid run, but you better det your skates on as I hope to challenge your time in March!!!

  7. p.p..s you could ask your readers to put your running holidays link on their blogsites

  8. Ha Ha, Rick I like the idea of asking Ewen to jog round Australia giving out flyers for me. But he is a grumpy old thing and probably would refuse to do it ;)

    It's good to see you are up for the challenge Rick and I have no doubt you can beat me. But just to make it interesting if you do I will rename my blog "I will be lucky to be half the runner Rick is IN THE LONG RUN." ;)

    Yes please, if my readers could put my running holidays link on their blogsites I'd be stoked.

    Contact me by email at

    and I'll send you a logo to upload. I'll know where the hits are coming from so to be fair I'll put anyone that does it into a draw and the winner I'll send a pair of new running shoes, your size, in the mail on the 1st of July.

    Does that tempt you? You being the (one) person that reads this. Think of the odds of winning a pair of runners. Much better than those I'd get on Ewen delivering flyers for me ;)

  9. If the price is right Ewen and I agree to jog around Australia for the next thirty years or so distributing flyers for you.
    Around Australia there are places we haven't been, sights we haven't seen, races we haven't run, and girls we haven't met.
    Failing that, and if money is not no object, we'll just publicise it for you from here.

  10. You're on a roll at the moment!

    And you are an inspiration to other ageing runners as well.

  11. Great Half Scott! You sure country events in Japan sound attractive. i will be doing what I can to promote your new venture; especially considering that is your desire to share your experience an love of running in Japan.

  12. By the way, no Bob the people in the 4th photo are not my "in-laws."

    Just as well how'd you like the big dude with the sword as a brother-in-law ;)

  13. I wouldn't like the big dude with the sword chasing me round the country. And you picked it one Scott - I wouldn't bother running around Kickatinalong delivering pamphlets, let alone Australia!

    However, I will let my millions of readers know about your venture.

    Also, if you're going to be interviewed you need a bit of a makeover. Those dowdy clothes don't cut it in the fashion stakes. How about bright purple Japanese-style tracky dacks?

  14. Well seeing Ewen's not going to hand out flyers I've given you a link on my blog, now at least one of my 6 followers might get to see it!!!

  15. My goal is to one day run a 1:45 half marathon and your knocking out sub 1:20's. Amazing speed.

    I will include a link to your travel site when we launch the Punk Rock Racing site in March.

    All the best,


  16. Nice run Scott, but then I've come to expect it!