Sunday, January 31, 2010

"It's not about.... pleasures."

I don't know what happened today, struggled throughout. What was that about? I suppose I was just not on it today.

Bloody miserable conditions cold and drizzling and even though the course was fast and flat I couldn't do better than I did. My hamstrings were hurting especially the left one maybe that was one of the problems.

With 2K to go I thought I might be able to get under my PB but couldn't convince the pins to go any faster. I came home in 35:42,(1st 5K 17'28 2nd 18'13) four seconds shy of my PB and 9th in my age group. After finding out I'd missed my PB and just missed out on a trophy, they gave one each to the first eight in my age group, I let out a few quiet expletives like ones in the following clip.

Anyway, after that I felt fine so don't worry about me I know I can and how to do much better in the future. Thanks for all your last comments. And Rick breathe easy old fella ;) And Ewen I think I was 2nd "woman" in my age group today!


  1. There used to be this old rule that after a race you should wait one day for each mile raced before doing another all out effort. So with only 7 days elapsing from that stunning Half Marathon effort, it may have been just a little early to expect the body to have been fully recovered.

    Then again, Ewen may be right and you are just a girl.

  2. Yes, Robert Song I forgot about that one. You're right too, as you've said in previous comments, I have to watch doing too much as I'm better to just let things come as they will.

    I suppose, still being relatively new to this and a bit of a cocky SOB I might push things too much sometimes but I definitely will be on guard not to burn myself out.

    I've been reading in Tim Noakes "The Lore of Running" on how we have only so many good races in us and I want to be still running strong at 65~70 not some old burnt out husk like.. You know the girl her name was Lola, she was a showgirl with purple ribbons in her hair and her dress cut down to there...

  3. He is Robert Song. But he doesn't have to race like one ;)

    Running on tired legs and getting thrashed by the leading woman will do you good Scott. The party's not over... it's all about passion!

  4. Never mind Scott. Robert Song is probably right. A big ask after the big half. No mean achievement all the same.

  5. Yes, the analysis is correct — one week after a fast half is too soon for a fast 10k. And your foot is not 100% right? Both of those things probably contributed to the hamstring problem. You're lucky you did not hurt it worse. A good bit of rest and slow running is called for! Then get back into it hard.
    So the Osaka women (marathon) had a bad day for it, huh? I was out on a long run so did not watch it. And of course, it was sunny, as always, in Tokyo.

  6. some times things don't quite go the way we wanted, as lomg as you can work out why,you can take something positive forward with you.
    Maybe the lesson is the importance of recovery!
    But anyway still a very good run only a week after you pushed it to the max in the 1/2.