Monday, December 01, 2008

The horror continues...

Keep the light on while you’re reading this, it is really scary, but, believe me it happened.

I had just walked in the house after my Sunday long run and went to the upstairs shower. I was pulling my sweat drench clothes off over my head when I heard a noise. I backed up to the wall in fright as my wife and kids were out shopping and I was sure I was home alone.

What the hell was that? It sounded like someone talking. I stuck my head out the bathroom door and looked down the hallway. Nothing, I continued to strip for the shower when I heard it again. This time it was louder a definite voice. I jumped backwards into the shower recess my heart and mind racing.

It sounded close, and there it was again, a muffled voice. Sweating, my eyes the size of saucers I swung my head around looking for the source of the sound. Then my eyes stopped on my armband and IPod mixed in with my wet clothes. Relieved I pick it up off the floor, I was thinking it must still be on. But when I looked closer it was off, the red tag showing and no light. Besides, I had heard a voice and I only had songs uploaded on that iPod. Just when I was thinking I must be mistaken, it must have switched itself on, or something, there it was again. And it was definitely coming from my off iPod. I put it to my ear and I could just make out a forced, wheezing voice.

"Scotty… Scotty"

Bloody hell that voice…. It was Eddies’ my recently deceased running mate!

I threw out my arm in horror almost dropping the iPod. But the voice returned. Gingerly I press the iPod against my ear.

"38 minutes that’s a good 10K time" the voice wheezed,

Is this Eddie, I spluttered.

"1:22 is a great half marathon time too. But…."

But what mate? What are you trying to say??

"But…But 3:05 is a fucken soft marathon time!"

Well, that certainly is the truth!!

Wish me luck for my upcoming marathon PB attempt ;)


  1. Scott that sure is a scary story. Eddie is trying to scare to a sub 3. You has better wear that iPod on the Big Island. I am sure Eddie will have some words of encouragement for you.

  2. Imagine Eddie is sitting on your arse during the 'thon and the PB is a certainty Scott!

    Unless you're coming from the other side of the fence, and I'm pretty sure you're not... mate?

    Whatever, it's sure to be huge!

  3. Holy crap, you had me scared for a minute there. And hopefully you will be scared for about 2 hrs and 58 minutes longer come mara day.

  4. I have absolutely no idea what to make of this.

    But if it is going to get you a sub3, then go with it.

  5. Eddie's right. When is this upcoming marathon? Good luck with it. You have improved so much in the last two years. I am not afraid to admit that I used to think that your ambitions for a 3-hour marathon were possibly a bit unrealistic (this was when you had struggled to bring your times below 3:20). But I didn't realize how much more capacity for training you had left in you. You have built sensibly and gradually and when your 2:5x:xx marathon comes, you will thoroughly deserve it!!

  6. Geez, I was reaching for the baseball bat!

    I'm sure that if you keep that mindset you're in for a winner. Good luck in Hawaii!

    PS. if 3:05 is soft, I must be warm jelly.

  7. Sorry to sound like that Bay, but it's only soft when compared to my other times. Well according to all the charts out there I should be able to break 3 hours with the times I have in the lesser distances but can't do it yet!