Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Close the gate on 2008

It has been an usually busy year with news stories from the economics crisis, an unmaned landing on Mars, the Olympics to Obama's election. Is it that I was simply paying more attention or was there a lot going on this year?

Well here we go again and no doubt we are in for another eventful ride this coming year. Hold on everyone.

I want to see us all happier, healthier and stronger this time next year. Happy New Year!

Tomorrow I'm going to go to Tokyo with my extended family. I'll be there for 4 days watching my niece compete in the national basketball tournament. She is good, one day she'll play for Japan. Anyway the games are played mostly at night so I will find time to run while I'm there around the Imperial Palace most likely. If you're in the area give me a call and we can meet up for a run, my keitai 09081443698.

Tonight they predict snow in Osaka so I'm going to crank up the gas fireplace hook into a bottle or two of red wine and reflect on the year that was and plan a bit for the coming one. Hope you have a good evening too.

All the best.

And stay tune for more infantile humour ;)


  1. She'll be fine in 2009!

    Being the wet blanket that I am, I hit the sheets at 11.30 after a couple of Beez Neez.

    Maybe you can hook up with that long forgotten blogger Stephen Lacey for a couple of laps of the IP?

  2. Well, that long forgotten blogger just called Scott only to find him on the Shinkansen and being bothered by the guard for talking on his keitai, thereby endangering all the pace-maker, hearing-aid wearing denizens of Car 3. We will touch base again tomorrow and hopefully get together for a lap or two of the IP. Mind you with Scott's recent performances and my recent performances, I dare say it will be a harder run for me than it will be for him.

  3. You left that awesome marathon off the world events, very humble there Scott. Best wishes for 2009.

  4. Happy New Year Scotty!!!

    Great Marathon in Dec. Man you snuck that in didn't you!!!

    I know that feeling of not being too sure of the route/start time etc so feel your pain. At least now you KNOW you can sub 3.

    2009 should be a great year for you.

    Can you list the top 10 things that you believe a runner needs to do to get to SUB 3 (or as close as possible...)?? I am aiming for a PB this year so would be interested to hear what you think.