Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The 70s

Came across this old video today. Gone are the days when the boys in the band mostly had facial hair and could be mistaken for the guy at your local plumbing supplies store.

Check out the lead singer's moves. It it just me or does he look like David Carradine from "Kung-Fu, " with hair, or Toasty?


  1. Huh, go figure, a film clip with a real band in it and not some pop-TV sensation......

  2. Or Warwick Capper!

    Kung Fu was one of my favourite shows Master.

  3. Seems like the lead singer's got ants in his pants!

    Thanks for the tip re barefoot running, Scott. Tried it yesterday & all went well...first day in a while without hip pain.

    You ran back to the start in the marathon!!! I don't believe it!!

  4. What a good looking bloke!

  5. Still a big bandage on his nose would help the stage act.

    And people wonder why punk came along ?

  6. That is definitely Toasty wearing a wig.