Friday, December 12, 2008

Joy and Woe

I had a 20 minute jog in the fog this morning. It's my last before heading down to Miyazaki by overnight ferry to run a full marathon on Sunday. It is a spectacular winters day today and watching the sunrise, seeing how it cleared the fog while jogging alone in the crisp morning air once more brought home to me the joy of running. With this experience and that of a few bad ones recently I remembered a poem that sums it up beautifully.

Man was made for Joy and Woe
And when this he rightly knows
Through the world he safely goes
Joy and Woe are woven fine
A clothing for the soul Divine.

William Blake

If running teaches us anything it is just that. That life is nothing without the highs and lows and on Sunday I'll be enjoying them both. Maybe that's why I love running marathons so much as you can get both the highs and lows and push through both knowing that neither will last. A perfect metaphore for life done in around 3 hours.

Well, under 3 for me, I hope!

Thanks in advance.

The above poem might be a bit high brow for you lot so I've included one below to suit the more earthy types. See start and end of song, Bloody good stuff!!


  1. I'm no where near as poetic, but I've always thought that unless it hurt sometimes we wouldn't understand the joy of when everythings a dream!

    Good luck on Sunday - I hope there's a disproportionately great amount of joy!

  2. Wow, you sure are bringing a bit of culture to this blogging thing! Thanks I've always loved Blake but can't help always thinking of a uni lecturer who was a Blake fanatic and always wore a brown safari suit. The two never seemed to go together somehow.

  3. Scott was made for running fast
    And when he breaks 3 hours at last
    On finisher's medal will be cast
    A PB time starting in "2"
    Joy not Woe, through and through!

    Blake Fish

    Have a bloody good run Scott.

  4. Maybe this is a more suitable piece from John Cooper Clarke.

    Best of luck with the race.