Thursday, January 08, 2009


First post for 2009, again Happy New Year. Clairie made a comment on my last post asking me what I reckoned were the most important factors in achieving a sub 3 marathon. You may be wondering why she wouldn't ask someone who had run one or someone who knew better. But who knows the workings of the female mind, all I know is when a woman asks you don't say no ;)

So here is the Gospel according to Scott. (click to enlarge)

These are all pretty self-explanatory but if one can do these things in a 3 to 6 month training period then one can dip under 3 hours. From my experience it takes a few years of running to build up but once you can handle the high mileage without getting injured and you are at least 3 kgs under your best weight/height ratio then not much else can stop you from achieving this goal. Of course it is easier said than done but the art of running well is putting it all together.

All the best with your build up Clairie and your PB attempt. We will be following with interest.

Did you like the above graph? Well you might also like the one below. It was made with the following song, the Divinyls and Chrissy in mind.

The song

Now don't get any ideas! Like thinking that I touch myself when I think about you lot. Well I do when I think about Ewen. But that is simply scratching my head wondering what the hell he is blogging about ;)


  1. Only someone who would give a 20% weighting to Weigth Control would use a pie graph to illustrate that fact.

  2. Worth the wait for this opening post of 2009. I'm sure this new analysis will be the subject of some discussion at the Brisbane Running Buddies breakfast on Saturday morning.

    Special points for Robert Songs comment. Nice one.

  3. Weight Control...that's where I am going wrong. I thought the high mileage just took care of that side of things. we have the main points. Can you dissect them a bit. Well at least the high mileage. What does that mean for you?? 100k+ a week? Is there any speed work required or are you meant to run your long runs at race pace to practice?? I need details Scotty.

    Otherwise...good deal. Like toasty said - I am sure we will be discussing as Tesso and I wind our way along brissy on our long run tomorrow morning.


  4. Nice start to the year Scott! Love the pie chart.

  5. Thanks for the comment Scott. I started a separate blog to document my travel. As interesting as I find my training, I didn't think my family & non-running friends would be interested. The travelling one is at if you are interested. If not, no worries; I'm home now so my usual one will kick off again shortly!


  6. Love the comment about Ewen! What a good laugh that gave me...thanks, Scott!

    Yes, you did write that I might have another marathon or two in me. Aren't you the clever one? You can keep telling me that for as long as you just might be what keeps me coming back for more.

    Happy 2009 & run forwards all the time!

  7. Have always loved that song, but was embarrassed recently when I found myself singing along in the car with my kids there.
    How do you sustain your weight at 3 kilos lower than normal?

  8. Yes, I much prefer the Chrissy bar graph. Huge! I remember seeing the Divinyls live in Sydney once. I was just a boy of 20-something!

    Now I know why you eat black fish when your wife asks you to.

    As for dipping under 3 hours, it was something I thought anyone could do when I was a young whippersnapper like yourself. Funny, I was running with Spodychoff this morning and we had a great laugh about our 1k rep times. At 60, his were 10 seconds slower per k than his marathon PB pace. Mine were slower than my half PB pace.

    Do it while you're young Clairie. Go for it!

  9. I was scarred for years after seeing Chrissie on stage singing that song - but it was a "comeback tour"....

    Nice pie chart, but I reckon you could replace the "weight control" section with "drink less beer" and it would be appropriate for most people!

  10. Clairie and Toasty didn't lie, your chart was discussed at our post long run brekky on Saturday, though talking about weight control probably isn't the best thing to do while quaffing food :) Must say my biggest challenge is that little pink piece, staying injury free, the rest of it I don't really struggle with.

    Thanks for sharing your pie.