Friday, January 11, 2008

So far so good

Hope everyone is doing well. My first post of '08 and so far so good. I will start training in earnest from Sunday as it marks 12 weeks until the Canberra marathon. If all goes well I be there and I'm very much looking forward to meeting "all and sundry". Sundry, for those that don't know, is a blogger mate of mine from Kiama ;)

Anyway I'll be posting regularly about my build up for this and hope to get your feedback.

For now I'm going to upload a clip of "an educator." This guy is terrific and everything that I'd like to be as a teacher. I don't usually talk about teaching/learning on this blog but he is so on it with his analysis and funny to boot so I thought you'd like to see it.


  1. He is a very good speaker, I especially liked the part about the Professors, very funny

  2. Where does 'All' live?

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  4. Sorry, double post above; now I'll go for the triple to say that was a great, thought provoking speech. Thanks for sharing it.

    I'll look forward to meeting you face to face in Canberra too - if you're not spending all your time chatting to "All" and "Sundry" that is :-)


  5. Uncle Dave, you're still alive!

    Although it was almost as long as "Top Gun", it was worth the wait Scott. Identifying and directing talent should be the goal of all educators.

    Luckily you run, or you might have become a disembodied professor. I liked the "I'm frying an egg" bit - perhaps your wife was trying to do five things at once when she served up the black fish?

    Back to that "Top Gun" link in your comment... Tom Cruise (Steve) is all yours mate - I'll take Kelly McGillis.

  6. Ted was great Scott. I thoroughly enjoyed his lecture. It was extremely thought provoking.

    I hope the next 12 weeks goes well for you and we see you rearing to go in Canberra.

  7. Thanks Scott. Quite true about schools and creativity. Do I come out of the closet now? (Shh...don't tell anyone I'm an English teacher).

    I know when my oldest son started school I was quite depressed about putting him into the education system as he has quite a unique way of looking at the world. I thought about other schools but it was not really practical in this neck of the woods. Schools in NSW are very traditional places.

    Good luck with the marathon training.

  8. Man, Canberra is too close for my liking (in more ways than one). Three months sounds longer away than 12 weeks so I'll think of it that way for now.

    That dude is good :-)

  9. Nice link Scott. The interesting thing is that the world leaders in my field of research (the "professors") have a creative steak that allows them to think outside the accepted paradigms. It's certainly something we try to foster in our students. But, I wish more education policy makers would watch that clip (and be forced to think about it).

    Awesome, can't wait to see you in Canberra (but wishing it was more like 4 months away!).

  10. Hey Scott, just left a reply to your comment on my blog.

    Good to hear from you!