Monday, January 21, 2008


"Nothing like a good rant" and this is nothing like a good rant but I'm going to write it anyway.

This afternoon I got the news that my uncle had died and my first thought was "Jesus! Why are all my relatives dropping like flies" And the second thought was "Why is it always my favorite ones?" The answer on reflection is simple. Firstly, they are all getting older and I suppose plenty of worse relatives have died before my "favorites" but frankly they weren't such good people so I guess I hardly recognised their passing ;)

If this isn't making much sense then it must be at least a half decent "rant". Well, I'm going to miss this Uncle as he was really everything I reckon a "man" should be, that is, he made you feel like you were important and always made people in his company feel safe and happy. This wasn't easy as he was physically kind of imposing. A big guy with tattoos and a head that at first glance had the neck hairs rising and you looking for the nearest exit.

I will never watch another "Aussie Rules" game or drink another beer without thinking about him as he was the person that made these things cool enough to want to make them a part of me.

As I'm feeling the distance between here and there a bit more tonight and I'm thinking about the value of people I'd like to say, even if it goes without saying, that virtual or not you bloggers mean a lot to me.

Any talk about giving up blogging should be given some more thought.While I wouldn't pressure anyone to write if they "can't" at times, I understand we all have other lives, still I feel that we got into this for the right reasons and those reasons haven't changed.

My supposition is that blogging is part of the third wave of the revolution of human relations.(Classic rant uses the word "supposition" and goes on to sermonize.) Nobody should underestimate the power of people of like minds coming together over great distances. Virtual or not these relationships are every bit as real as the face to face ones we have in say our workplace and deserve similar courtesies.

Our "Spark Driver" understood. While I of course wanted him to keep on writing, he did have the good manners to say he was, "pulling the plug" so long and goodbye. Well he didn't leave us hanging wondering what happen to him.

This rant has ended like all rants do with the writer coming off as slightly crazed and more than slightly needy. But I really just want you to know that I appreciate you all and the opportunity we have here.

Don't worry I'm back to making lame jokes and writing about running tomorrow. Don't let me scare you off ;)


  1. I'm not going anywhere Scott. Likewise, my fellow bloggers are a very important part of my life.

    I'm sorry to hear of your uncle's death. My thoughts are with you & your family

  2. Sorry to hear about your uncle Scott. I'm trying to get back into more regular blogging this year.

    Great time for the half!

  3. 9/10 as a Classic Rant.

    Sorry to hear about your Uncle. I don't know what it is about good Uncles...

    I'm with you on Sparkdriver - what an honorable gentleman. It's sad that he's gone - it's like a death in the blogging family. Anyway, enough morose introspection. Let's get on with taking the piss, and sharing stories about the sport we all love.

  4. I forgot to say that I gave Mike's rant 9.5/10 ;)

  5. A very worthy rant Scott.

    I am sorry to hear about your uncle. I am glad you have fond memories of him. His life obviously had a positive impact on you, and through you upon us too. Thanks for sharing the moment with us.

  6. yoosh yoosh! naori naori.

    Yeah mate, it is OK to hurt some times. Not much we can do to help except say we hear you and our thoughts are with you.

    I agree with Ewen, Mikes's rant was a beauty.

  7. Sad news Scott, so sorry to hear it.

    It made me realise I think of just about all my uncles and aunties (most are no longer with us) as favourites. When I sms my neices and nephews on their birthdays etc I always finish with the words "from your favourite aunty" ... just in case they forget :-)

    I'm with you, my fellow bloggers are very important. I might not write so often but I certainly haven't given up reading any.

    Looking forward to the return of lame jokes. And the good music clips.

  8. No worries rant away, it was good.

  9. Sorry to hear about your Uncle Scott. I suppose that at times like this I try to reflect on the good, because that's what will stay for ever.

    Speaking of staying for ever - I intend to stop blogging about when I anticipate losing my love for running..... NEVER!

    Seriously, I really value the support of the community, so even though I tend to blog every other week, I read more frequently and would miss everyone.