Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Don't be so postless.

Sorry for the delay in posting, I've be lurking but shirking. Anyway I'm fine, working a bit more than I'd like but can't complain about that.

I've lost 6 kgs in the last 5 weeks and feel good but my ankle is still not 100% and I've cut out a few runs to try to rest it. That seems to have helped as it is definitely getting better but I'm a little worried that I'm under done, kms wise, for my up coming marathon on Dec 23rd.

Well just thankful that I've lost the extra weight that I put on over the summer here and that the ankle is almost healed. I was thinking that as this is my 7th attempt at a full marathon and if I hit the start line with no other problems my experience and my 4 years of accumulated kms might be enough to see me to a PB. I've still been doing about 50 to 70kms a week for the past three months just haven't been able to get in the couple of 100km weeks that I wanted to do before this next marathon.

We will see. I'll let you know how the training goes for the remaining three weeks.

I'll leave you now with a favourite song from my youth. Actually still is. This kind of music probably doesn't do much for you there in Australia as you still may hear it often but for me it is special for the memories it brings, I reckon I haven't heard this song for close on 20 years.


  1. Great song!

    Good to have you back in blogland again. Look after that ankle & I hope the training goes well over the next 3 weeks.

  2. I like that line about lurking and shirking - have been known to do that from time to time. Hope the ankle starts to behave. Good luck.

    Good to see you blogging again too.

  3. So you like a song where Scott gets a mention?
    Anyway, great song. I never hear it, I am tuned in elsewhere.

  4. Well, good luck Scott. I think with a lower than preferred mileage coming into the marathon you would be well-advised to start out conservatively. Hope the ankle comes good with the taper and post marathon recovery.

  5. Good luck for the 23rd, Scott! 6kg lighter should do the trick! Just get that ankle mended properly.

  6. Glad you haven't been too reckless with your training Scott. Just try to imagine you've done the 100k weeks... head off at 4:10 pace and see how you go. I like 'into the wall' stories ;)

    Mate, some of your comments on other people's blogs are better than your own posts!

    We don't hear it that often. "As the Manly Ferry, cuts it's way to Circular Quay", "Burke and Wills and camels, initials in the tree". You can't get more Australian than that... except for, maybe, prime ministers who speak Asian.

  7. As a fellow lurking-shirker I must say its good to see a post from you. I didn't realise the marathon was so soon. Yikes!

    Thanks for the song. I saw James Reyne in concert the other night (he and Mark Seymour are touring together). He is getting more understandable with age.

  8. I think I found that 6kgs you lost. Do you want it back?

  9. Welcome back. Did you decide to come over to run Canberra in the end?