Saturday, December 15, 2007

Feel the vibe from here to Asia!

I've had a good week and feeling pretty fit. Had three great sessions this week, a long run, 31kms, on Sunday, a speed session on Tuesday 2mins flat out 2mins jog recovery, 1min flat out, 1min jog, 30 seconds flat out and 30 seconds jog, x 3. And a 15km run on Weds @ an average of 4:30 per km. The reason I'm happy about all this is that I did them all relatively easily.

I don't want to put a jinx on myself but I'm really feeling good about my marathon on the 23rd. The foot pain is down to a slight burn and even with a bit of partying recently I've been able to keep the weight down.

I'm still a bit worried about my lack of kms in the build up but I have a secret training method that sometimes helps in cases like these. Now don't go writing into the running site's noticeboards cause its an advantage I'd like to keep pretty much under wraps. What I do is, I've learnt the words to "Cantaloop" see video, and I sing these at the top of my voice while dancing under a alternatively burning hot and ice cold shower. Please try it and let me know how it goes for you. If you're worried about your mother/father, wife/husband or children, boyfriend/girlfriend coming in mid session you could do it in some bicycle pants. A good idea too for those old fellas prone to shrinkage, pun intended. "Bid de Bid de Bop!!"


  1. One week to go until the big race huh? Well, it is good that you are feeling fit and in good nick. Not much point worrying about mileage now. Take a rest this week. Don't forget to get some of those cheap gels with the maltodextrin in them to help with the carbo loading. Two a day from Thursday to Saturday, and keep the protein up as well.
    Good luck with the taper week and the big run!

  2. Groovy groovy jazzy funky...

    You mean you stay in the cold water long enough for shrinkage! Stop Scott, or you'll have me imagining what 3" shrinks to. I'm only now recovering from Toasty's Tony post.

    You've timed this marathon well - nothing like a few bonenkais to help with the taper.

    On the 23rd, make sure "you don't stop until the sweet beat drops" :)

  3. You boys should put a warning on your blogs.

    PS Love the song, very funky :-)

  4. Very funky indeed! Hope the training pays off for you and good luck for the race!

  5. You're as crazy as I am!

  6. I very much wanted to try out your secret but by the time I had done the necessary ablutions, I didn't even have time to get to the chorus (let alone shrinkage) before my four minutes was up. Curse these Level 6 water restrictions.