Sunday, December 23, 2007

A PB's a PB no matter how small!

Well that's, the title of this post, what I'm telling myself. Did 3:17:50 a full 2 minutes faster than my previous best time so I'd have to be happy with that. It ended up being near perfect conditions so I didn't have to worry about that and as this came on the back of a pretty average build up and mileage I should be satisfied.

I do know one thing for sure I will really have to train hard and have things all come together on the day if I'm going to get anywhere near under 3 hours.

But you'll be happy to know today didn't deter me from that goal.

The photo was taken by Kato san a fellow Kawachinagano running club member and it is 200 metres from the finish of today's marathon. And if you look closely you can see that I'm getting some "air!" ;)


  1. Two minutes ain't that small. Well done especially as you say your preparation was not ideal.

    All the best for the sub-3 quest.

  2. Yay!!! Huge congrats Scott. When I read the title I thought maybe it was going to be closer to 2 seconds. 2 minutes is heaps!

    Looking forward to hearing you report.

    Great pic :-) You sure look to be very comfy.

  3. Woohoo!

    Congratulations Scott. I was thinking 2 sec too! 2 mins is huge, particularly given that your preparation wasn't ideal.

    I hope the recovery goes well & that you & your family have a wonderful Christmas !

  4. Well done mate! Fantastic result. Two minutes coming off an ordinary preparation is great. You obviously executed your pace strategy perfectly. Hope the malto gels were of help. Time to re-fuel over Christmas and o-shougatsu. Lashings of sechi for you, my friend! Maybe even an extra helping of kuro mame.

  5. Settle down guys - it was only a PB by 1:52!

    Scott, you're getting almost as much air as Prawn-burger Girl's beach running friends. Your inspiration? I noticed some admiring stares at your form from the spectators.

    It looks like a perfect day, but I thought you were a bit of a girlie-wooz to be wearing a T-shirt and gloves - not nearly as tough as Mr Kangaloo. Is that your splits written on the gloves?

    Anyway, well done mate. I'm sure Canberra is at least a 3" faster course.

  6. Well done Scott, I have been keeping up with your blog and that is a great time considering your prep. Like Tesso I was expecting a Pb of a few seconds not 2 minutes. Congrats and have a merry Xmas

  7. Well done Scott. I thought you looked pretty comfortable in the photo.

  8. Congratulations- great PB. Glad the rain held off for you.

  9. 2 minutes is about half a kilometre, it is also about 10 seconds per KM faster over the last 12K.

    And you an a Boston qualifier.

    All good! Congratulations

  10. Congratulations Scott. That is a terrific Marathon time. You have every right to be very proud.

  11. Hey Scott, that's a fantastic result! I just took the rollercoaster ride of your training and then the result.... quite a ride. So happy to hear of your success. I agree with all the others that 2 minutes is a huge slab of time (from the title I was expecting seconds), but also think it would be great even if your lead up was perfect!

    Coming to Canberra? 3:15?

    Great to read your blogs, and glad you're keeping it up. Speaking of which, now that I'm back, it's time to start posting!

    All the best for 2008!