Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mixed bag

Well my foot held up during today's' race but it hurts now. I had a bad first 10 kms still nursing a big hangover from the night's before BBQ. You know I've never got drunk the night before a race so at the time I thought it would be OK ;)

Anyway it wasn't OK and I was so dry the first half and couldn't get into a comfortable rhythm. But somehow at the 13km mark I came good and ran my second half really well I seemed to be getting stronger and faster from the 13th K on right up until the 20th K when a lady of about 60 years (The eventual 2nd place woman's winner) flew by me and I couldn't catch her.

My time was 1:31:15. I'm a little disappointed with that as I should have done better given the conditions today. It was 19 degrees and no wind to cause problems and apart from ten minutes at the end it didn't rain. I was thinking on the way home that I just have to toughen up my training if I want any more PBs, more harder runs at pace and a bit more consistency. These PB don't come easy, you know.

On a brighter note I went to see a pro soccer game with my sons after the run today and our local team "Cerezo Osaka" won 4 to 0. We will take that ;)


  1. "I was thinking on the way home that I just have to toughen up my training if I want any more PBs, more harder runs at pace and a bit more consistency."

    Yep. Effort in = results out. But it's a tradeoff. You know, you probably have your life in better balance than some of us. Well, than me.

    OK, so the result was a little below expectations, but still solid given that you have not been training intensely, have had a foot injury, and decided to get hit and missed the day before the race. Nice to finish strongly even if a younger version of LuckyLegs decided to burn you off. You should have breathed on her.

  2. Just as well your macho ego can handle being overtaken by someone older that you ;)

    From where I sit, 1.31 seems like a darn good time but I understand the feeling when you don't achieve what you know (wish) you could.

  3. Yeah, that effort was almost as bad as black fish - and there weren't any floating carcases to put you off your game!

    Who cares about life balance? Running well is important! I was thinking about what Ryan Hall said after his win in the US trials... that the race was 'easy' as he had done much harder sessions in training. In my case, I'm not sure how this fits in with Hadd/Lydiard - perhaps more upper aerobic runs closer to lactate threshold?

    By the way, if made an effort to drink good quality beer, the hangover wouldn't be as bad ;)

  4. Sounds like a pretty good time considering. I was thinking 'the force' might have helped but then I realised it was the Yodo River.

  5. a 60 year old woman flew past you, Scott?? You've got me seriously worried about you...there's a chance for me yet!

  6. Yeah Scotty.....toughen up. :))))

    I have never run with a hangover before but I have heard mixed cases of people who have. Ones that do run a pb and others that never get off the starting block with any ooomph. I think a lot can happen on the day to make you feel good/bad regardless of your training. But if you are feeling bad and you know you have done the hard yards in training that helps you get over the hump and perform okay.

    I am with Celeste. Your time sounds like magic to me but I'm sort of like the slow runner that you overlap I too understand your personal frustration with wanting a better time. Just don't beat yourself up over it. It is still a good result!

  7. I'll take the time, but you can keep the hangover! Maybe it'll help you in later races by making you tougher?

  8. Just checking your Pb's Scott an i am ahead at 10km by 1 sec
    at 5km by 1 sec
    and at 3km 16 secs
    though you flog me at half marathons!

    Love to race you next time your in Sydney!

  9. A terrific effort Scott. A shame a bout the PB but it just gives you more incentive to work that bit harder. As you still just a young'n, you have plenty of time ;)

  10. Hope you're Ok, as I notice it's a week or so since the race.. hope you're not injured or anything.