Monday, October 01, 2007

Time for a cool change

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Today marks 12 weeks before my next full marathon, so it's full steam ahead with training from this point on. The temperature has dropped between 5 and 10 degrees since last week and with mornings around 20 degrees and clear I'm really starting to get into my runs of late. Those last few months of sauna room temperatures certainly took their toll on my motivation.

By the middle of next month the foliage will be changing to golden brown, red and bright yellow and I'll be so fit that my old PBs will be dropping like the leaves themselves.

That's the plan anyway.


  1. So, in 200 words or less, what is the training plan?

  2. He has a plan, which is his. And it is his plan. And it is a very good plan.

  3. Yes, but what's the plan? Steve's "long suffering" wife might say a good one is balancing on a knife-edge and drinking beer.

  4. Those PB's start falling like leaves we will have to start calling you Rustle ;-)

  5. What a beautiful photo! Hard to imagine it's so cold now compared to only a few weeks ago.

    Good luck with the training for the next marathon!

  6. I want to go running there!

    The question is, is it a cunning plan?

    Re your last comment on my blog: it would be only natural for you to be in love with both Tesso and I, but don't be jealous, Ellen will be our chaperone in Melbourne - Karaoke or not!

  7. Real cool running Scott. 12 weeks of training in cool weather sounds great for PB potential.