Sunday, October 28, 2007

All things considered

Had my first race, a 10k, today. That is the first since before the summer here. Last race was Nagano marathon in July.

Anyway, on Thursday night I slipped coming out of the shower and twisted my ankle. It was pretty bloody painful at the time and next morning I couldn't put much weight on it without screaming like a banchee. Part of what I wanted to scream about was: Why does this sort of shit always happen so close to race days #%&!?

I thought my race for this weekend had finished right there, but with a program of ice and hot baths I felt right to go on the day, two days later.

I started the race with a 4:05 first K slowed by the large crowd. The 2nd K was better a 3:39 and a 4:00 min K the 3rd one. From about the 6th K I felt a little out of wind, first race blues or blews, but mostly I was starting to feel my ankle and it was weakening me enough that I started to bleed seconds.

I finished in 41:58 the best I could do today. Still all things considered I reckon that was a pretty good time.

After the event my wife, the kids and I went to a theme park and had a very nice BBQ lunch down by the ocean. It was a bloody terrific day ;)

Now to continue the training. I need to lose at least 5kgs before my full marathon in Dec and get in a few good/hard speedwork sessions in before my next half marathon event on Nov 11th.



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  1. Sorry to hear about the ankle, very annoying to do something like that when you're not even running!

    Steve will be doing Canberra; well, that's the plan at this stage.

  2. Days like that just make you feel happy to be alive don't they?

  3. That is terrible timing- hope it recovers in time for your half. Good luck with the weight loss- your lunch today looked pretty good

  4. That's a pretty good 10K time Scott. You sprinted those first few K's. It's a shame that ankle slowed you down.

  5. That 3:39 2nd K was always going to make it difficult without the dodgy ankle.

    Nice photos.

  6. SOunds like a good result to me ;-)

  7. Bugger about the ankle, but still sounds more like a speed session than a 10k to me! I think that's a good time Scott, and bodes well for the season!

    Promise that I'll get back to my blog this week to give you something to read.....

  8. Yeah Scott, I think that 3:39, assuming the distance was accurate, probably put you into a deficit from which it was always going to be difficult to recover. But I'm sure there are other factors, like the fact that you are still coming back to fitness, and a certain sore ankle. Just keep plugging away at that aerobic base!

    That's a Japanese BBQ all right. Looks good too. It was a cracker of a day up here after the typhoon.

  9. Can I call you Siouxsie? Nice work mate. I'd be overjoyed with a time like that.

    Don't listen to Steve. You just need to run 3:39s all the way, that's all. Although I'm surprised he didn't gag about one of your sons wearing a Bud T-shirt!

    Thanks for your encouragement re the daily 90 minutes. I'll meet you half way (3 inches?) and say it's possible... if I can reduce the overtime I'm working.

  10. Nice time Scott! Hope the ankle is all better soon.

  11. Hey Ewen

    nice spotting with Casey's T-shirt.
    But it doesn't say "BUD LIGHT" it actually says "BUZZ LIGHTYEAR" a character from "Toy Story." It just shows that you are not aware of the "kids culture." Something I wish I wasn't aware of too ;)

    Anyway what knid of father do you think I am? I would never let my son wear a "Bud light" beer shirt.

    Not while he still had clean "Guiness" and "Coopers"' ones in his closet ;)

  12. And also Ewen if you notice in the last photo with the BBQ, my second son Tyler is gesturing with reference to the sausages we are about to eat which are about "3inches" long.

    This was for you and it is the photo you were suppose to pick up on ;)

  13. Tyler has a good sense of proportion. An architect in the making perhaps?

    Sorry I didn't pick up on the reference to your problem immediately. I wasn't expecting you to be sullying young minds. Thank goodness it wasn't a Budd shirt!

  14. I betcha you were worried about if the fall would affect your running even before you hit the ground. By the sounds of that 10k it didn't do too much harm.

    Great pics :-)