Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Skin and blister

Sorry for my delay in posting, like I said before I'm still coming to terms with being back at work and my sister and niece are visiting us so I've also been busy with my guide duties.

I joined a running club here too at the beginning of the month. They meet twice a every month on Sunday mornings near my house. I'm happy to finally find a local club this should help with any flagging motivation. It's a good club with over hundred runners the fastest woman runs 2:40 for the marathon and there are a couple of runners who run under 2:30. The Japanese guy that won the 2007 Gold Coast marathon is a local runner here and sometimes makes an appearance.

It's still bloody hot here, 34 degrees today, but I'm starting to get a groove on, so to speak, building the kms and my fitness. A ways to go though and a few kgs to lose but that will have to wait a couple of weeks until my sister goes home. I can't resist BBQing and drinking while catching up. Call me old fashioned ;)


  1. Nice pics from paradise mate! Shame the holidays weren't a bit longer eh! But as they say, nothing lasts forever...even cold November rain! :-)

  2. Glad to see that at least somebody has their priorities right.

    Sounds like a good move joining the running club. Do they do regular track workouts?

  3. How can you BBQ without having a beer in your hand? Just don't burn the fish ;)

    Good news about the club. I think Steve's jealous you'll be doing track workouts with a 2:40 marathoner.

    Still bloody cool here, but occasionally warm - 12C yesterday, 17C today.

  4. I just got a new BBQ - 6 burners, completely made out of stainless steel, wok burner on the side, roasting dish and hood, and rotisserie - I feel like Tim the Toolman :)

    Good to hear you are building up the k's.

  5. I say go for it while the rellies are there. the running club sounds like a good idea too.

    Just read the other comments ... men and their BBQs!

  6. Old fashioned? I think that BBQs and beer are the way of the future (in fact, it could be the catalyst for world peace)!

    I really look forward to my (semi)weekly speed sessions with the running group. Changes things up a little, adds motivation to finish the session, and somehow lessens the pain - but, then, I'm not running with a 2:40 marathoner.....

  7. Nothing like the the good old beer, barby and ketchup.

    Doing some training in a group always helps. Use someone who is a bit faster as a pacer, then when you can keep up with them without too much trouble, find someone who is faster. It works.

  8. You can always drop the weight but you can't always spend precious time with the fam. Enjoy!

    PS Hope you're not suffering too bad a case of barby envy after 2P's comment.

  9. What a lovely holiday! Beach running is the best!

  10. Now that's a running club!

    There would be plenty of motivation for me with a group like that. Having said that, you would have to go a long way to find a better group than the Brisbane Running Buddies. Come to think of it Japan is a long way.