Wednesday, October 10, 2007


It's been a strange week and it's only half way over. Some rough classes at school. See youtube clip for example. Boy "Gogo Yubari" the Japanese school girl from "Kill Bill" has nothing on some of my students. They can be rough ;)

Also came down with a cold on Sunday night after my 27K long run, maybe in sympathy with Tesso and I haven't run at all for a couple of days. Still feel better already after a few early nights.

Well it hasn't been all bad news as I found out that I had some "lost super" still on hold for me and it is possible to make claim to it. Now that put some balance back in the week ;) Think I'll go and buy a new pair of runners to celebrate!


  1. The actress's name is Chiaki something or other ... same as my son. A good unisex name.

    So, your next marathon is in December huh? Did you apply for Tokyo? Did you get in?

    Sounds like your training is going alright. A couple of lost days because of a cold is no great drama at this stage.

  2. Buying a pair of runners is that enslavement? ;-)

    Hope you get over the cold soon.

  3. A cold isn't too bad. Just make sure you don't go out in sympathy with Clairie when she goes into labour :-)

  4. One of those would be good for clearing a path in the City to Surf.

    Don't worry about the cold - it'll freshen you up. Robert Song had one and he ran fives all the way in Melbourne.

  5. Are you sure you don't teach in Queensland? I've got friends who have worked at schools with students like that....

    Better to get the cold out of the way now!

  6. I had the impression that kids in Japan would be a lot easier than here (not sure where the idea came from). Hope things are improving - don't let the buggers get you down, just run it all out (when you get over the cold that is).