Saturday, October 20, 2007

Is anybody out there?

Hi, just a bit of housekeeping. Does it seem quiet in bloggsville or is it only me?

Maybe just a dry patch during the change of seasons? I wouldn't be so worried but I just had a look at Ewens blog and he has only 1 comment, mine, for the last couple of days. This coming from Mr. blogopular who normally gets 20 comments.

Now I'm thinking twice about uploading my lastest video I took of an open leg sore that was going to be titled "Does this look infected to you?"

Anyway, I hope you'll all come back when you can. One thing I really wanted to ask, seriously, is does anybody else have trouble when logging on to Robert Song's or Tugerranong Don's blog? Cause 9 times out of ten when I visit these blogs my computer just shuts down seconds into reading. While it always boots itself back up I don't understand why it does this and only to these two blogs. It's been like this with Roberts blog for 8 months and TD's for about 6 months. I can only comment on them at the computer at work my home one doesn't want to view there work for some reason.

Anyway, let me know if you know. And if you're caught under a overturned bulldozer and can't blog at the moment I fully understand ;)


  1. I must say I never read my own blog but have just tried it and I have no problems. Also no problem with TD.

    Thanks for spaing us the flesh wound!

  2. I think blogger is just a bit slow today at times

  3. I'm out there reading the blogs but just rarely find the time to put a comment up nowadays.

    Hoping that once this baby comes out (Wed) I will find some quiet time and have some more interest in running.

    Presently I am just jealous of all you runners out there and the highs/lows you are all going through. So see - that's why I am not commenting :)

    PS. Please put a warning up if you do choose to post the um gangy leg photo/video!!!

  4. Bloggsville is quieter. I reckon its because a lot of us are too busy playing in Facebook. I think you should come and join us :-)

    Re the booting out, I quite often have a problem with Iliketoast's blog, and sometimes yours. Wierd.

  5. Good trick Scott. Looks like you fleshed out Clairie.

    Both Robert Song and Don's blogs use the same template. I checked and there are numerous CSS errors with that template. On some browsers/computers these errors could cause the display or crashing problems.

    Yes, I am out hereeeeee. And noooooooo, I haven't got time to play with Facebook. Regarding my lack of comments on that post, perhaps it's because politicians are as offensive as open wounds ;)

  6. Well, you ultimately displayed good judgment about that photo. I guess I'd better re-think my plan to post the photo that says "Does this look like epididymitus?"

    Yes, maybe things are a bit quieter in Blogsville. I know I have fallen back to weekly updates simply because it was taking up a bit too much time to post daily and also I was worried about boring you, dear reader, as well as myself.

    Wow, Clairie is going to drop her load on Wednesday??!! How excitement!

  7. Hey that's one way to get a few comments. And just as a point of interest - I would have looked at the open wound photo!I have a weird interest in such things but have nearly fainted at the vets before.

    I generally don't comment on the videos as I don't always watch them because our internet is so slow (we have satellite broadband and it plays up). I'm more interested in your words Scott!

  8. Hello! I'm still here too. I still read blogs but rarely have time to comment. I have enough trouble keeping up with blogs, there is no way I'm moving into Facebook too!

  9. I'm here. I like to read quietly!

  10. I am sorry, I read often, but don't always comment- please don't post the photo, I will comment more often I promise, just not photo. Hope the 12 week count down is going well and you are feeling strong. (I have been on Facebook but it comes a distant second when it comes to finding out how everyone is going with their running)

  11. I'm here too! I promise to try and be a bit more active now I'm building back up the running.

    I'm very pleased you decided against showing us the infected leg wound.. I've just had my dinner.

  12. Cool! Thanks for getting in touch. I feel better knowing that everyone is still reading, at least.

    But I have had a lot of unwanted mail of late. Spam that is addressed to me by name like the following I got tonight it reads: No shit!

    "Greets scott
    the girls will be at your finger tips if you add 3 inches" and it leaves an email contact.

    Now I'm just wondering why girls would like me more with long, 3inches longer, fingers?

    Any ideas girls? ;)

  13. Yes, blogsville is quite - I can see the tumble weeds rolling down the street. But, I'm reading, just no time to write! I attribute it to the end of year madness to get the last bits of work done. For example, I only have 3.5 weeks of time in the office because of workshops, conferences, and finally, annual holidays!

    I promise to come back soon.....

  14. 3 inches! You mean they're offering you a 100% increase? Go for it Scott! A guaranteed way to increase your blogopularity ;)

  15. "3 inches a 100% increase" Ha!

    There you go again Ewen judging others by your own standards ;)

  16. I'm here too - slowly making my way through a backlog of blogs (backblogging?) - tried facebook - way over-rated!