Saturday, June 09, 2007

Take up running Paris

I'm not really impressed by the coverage Paris Hilton gets at the expense of real news but there is certainly somethings to be gained from knowing about this story.

The problem for Paris, as I see it, is that she cannot stand to be in an uncomfortable position. It's understandable growing up in America with all the "pursuit of happiness" and "greed is good" bullshit but this is on the whole unbalanced and unrealistic.

Life is about putting up with being uncomfortable. And the key to a having a successful life is doing just that as best we can.

Runners understand this and are good examples to others. Where would we be if we never put ourselves into uncomfortable positions. I mean we wouldn't be runners at all without "hills," "speedwork" and "long slow runs." And I bet that there is no real runner that seriously wants to avoid discomfort, I know for a fact that we secretly enjoy the pain to various extents.

Now if Paris would just go to jail quietly, put up with this discomfort, and use this time to read up on running and runners she might just be able to get over this and continue with her life.

But if she refuses to acknowledge the "truth" of the matter the suffering will only come in some other far worse form. That is, by trying to avoid this suffering she will lose the respect of people, this in turn may result in a loss of popularity something that sustains her carreer at present.

Quite apart from my quazi-philosophical musings, Paris should be a runner. She has runners arms and legs, looks like an albino Kenyan to me, now only needs a runner's heart.


  1. You definitely have a point here Scott. I agree with you. Running made a profound difference to my life. I have never worked as hard for anything as I have for my PB's.

    I am sure that similar goals and the asociated discipline and hard work and SUFFERING would surely have a positive impact upon poor Paris.

  2. Too true! But would she have the toughness to stick with it. I doubt it.

  3. A runner's heart? I don't think so, Scott!

  4. Good post! If she cries like that for a month in jail, imagine what would happen if hardship really found her. :-/ I feel much luckier than the ultra-rich and famous just knowing simple things like "the rules do apply to me" and "mom can't always save me" without having to find out the hard way. Let the cell phone withdrawls begin.

  5. Although she seems to have the physical attributes of a runner, she'd be hopeless. You need 'mind talent' to be good.

    Anyway Scott, give me Fergie to coach any day.

  6. I agree, I think it's the best thing that ever happened to her if she could only learn something from the experience. Sadly, I don't think that is going to happen but we'll see.

  7. With all the young girls that look up to her imagine what would happen if she did take up running. The papparazzi would have to take it up to so they could keep up with her :-)

  8. it takes a certain discipline to run ..... can't see it in her

  9. Great point Scott. I agree with everyone, she wouldn't have the ticker to be a runner. Mind you, she does have an addictive personality, and running is addictive (for us at least).