Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Testing One Two...


  1. Although that message wasn't for me I just wanted to leave a comment and say that was very cool (worked well). Hey, do you have a slight Scottish accent Scott or is that just the recording?


  2. Thanks RU

    I did leave a message for you on the first one I made but it wouldn't upload for some reason.

    As far as the Scottish accent goes, no, I think my strange voice comes for years of living overseas and teaching English. I tend to over enunciate words.

    When I go home I often get people asking if I'm "Scottish" or "Irish." I don't like it and I try to cover it by saying words like "bloody", "Bonza" and "Bottla"
    a lot. If they persist I just do my block and thump them, then they know I'm Australian ;)

  3. Cool message!! Very fancy - I'm impressed!

  4. YOU FORGOT ME!!!!! I'm going to run at Gold Coast....well attempt it anyhow :)

    Great to hear you are going to be at Canberra next year. I'll look forward to it. Might not be in the best shape but will be dead eager to push myself hard.

  5. Thanks Scott. Your good wishes are really appreciated. Thank you for going to the trouble fo recoridng a message.

  6. Thanks for the message Scott, much appreciated. I'm also super impressed that you figured out how to do that - I tend to break technology..... Hmmmm, Canberra next year hey, I might just have to plan to run it!

  7. Ha, tres cool, tres cool.

    Did you just use your simple little web cam for that? Sort of a canned Skype message. The software for my web cam is all in Japanese, so I'm not sure how to do it or even if it can do it. I must investigate.

  8. Thanks Scott! If I had received that message before the race I would have run 10 minutes faster ;)

    I gave Tesso a punch in the guts for you, but not Clairie.

    As a tip, I'd say shoot more footage at the beginning and end, then edit to have it looking good. Nothing you can do about your head though. Love the Japanese accent!