Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Power Yoga

I was asked what exactly is "Power Yoga"? While it sounds cool it is not anything too different from exercises you have done before. Here are some explanations of the ones I'm doing now mixed in with a weights program.

So called “Power Yoga” exercises are all done with leg weights I use 3 kilo ones now.

To do the Salabhasana you are on your stomach with your arms beside your body and palms facing up with each breath in you raise one of your legs as high as it can go exhale and bring it down. Do relatively slowly each leg 20 times per set. I do 3 sets and I find these hard, somehow.

To do the Kondasana you lie on your side with one hand holding up your head and the other hand resting near your stomach. Lift one of your legs as high as you can in a scissor motion and bring it down slowly. 20 each leg and 3 sets is good for starters.

To do the Padchalankriya you are on your back with hands palm down by your side. Raise your legs about 30cm off the floor and move them like you are riding a bicycle count slowly to 20, 1 for each rotation.

They have many exercises in the DVD “Yoga for body building” I brought this in a shop in Byron Bay when I was down there for the Gold Coast marathon this year.


  1. Interesting Scott. I guess there are different ways of achieving the desired results.

    We are big on Pilates for building core strength - it's super important for middle distance runners. All runners though can benefit from being strong in this area.

  2. Just passing through Blogland and found yours.You are on the right path for distance running.

    Will check in again some time.

    Cheers R2B

    Ps why are you in Japan?