Friday, September 22, 2006

Cooling down

Going to start to increase the speed in tomorrows run, I've got 4kms to do at sub 3:48 per K. This is the start of my campaign to get my body used to running under 4 minute Ks so as I can try to get a PB and a sub 40min 10k this coming October.

My ability to do this, or not, will depend on getting through these sessions. Although I do my best with speed work it is never easy and
sometimes it is my metal strength that lets me down.

I always do these speed session by myself and hate the feeling of say finishing the 3rd of 8 X 500m efforts at a good clip and thinking to myself there is no way I can do 8 of these buggers. If I can't put those kind of thoughts out of my mind I usual can't finish the session.

I envy those people who train with groups of friends that help them to push it that little bit further. But I guess everyone battles with these type of negative thoughts.

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