Saturday, May 19, 2018


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  1. Thanks Scott. That was a good story re the push-ups. I remember (it was a long time ago!) when I started running, my goal was to run further. So I went from around the block, to around the suburb, to 5k, 10k. Then I wanted to run a marathon. I never thought about running faster, although I'd always try to run PBs in training!
    After the 2nd marathon I was over running further and wanted to run faster. I knew a 30 minute 10k was 72 secs per 400 so I'd go to the track and sprint 400 in 67 and think I was doing good training. I had no idea! When I arrived in Canberra I started racing 800s and 1500s on the track and I think that was useful. It was exciting to see those PBs improving. I was no middle distance runner, but I wish I'd used that speed while at the same time building my weekly mileage through those early years. Maybe adding 1k a week until the coach told me to stop ;-)