Saturday, June 23, 2018



  1. Back on it from next week? Come on Scott! Hey, you have a nice track at the Uni! I finished reading (and enjoyed) your book while I was on holidays. Maybe you could chat about the 'ritual' chapter... for instance, can a ritual Sunday long run be missed (or any other ritual day) if your legs are sore or you're not feeling well on that day?

  2. Hi Ewen, thanks for your encouragement with the book. I will have it all proof read and polish it and get something back to you. Yes, I’ll talk about that “ritual” chapter next blog post. As for missing a long run now and then, I would be careful not to as I reckon you should be treating them with reverence, like you would your bowel movements and as you’d know, missing too many of those is the definition of things not running smoothly. ;)